What Direction Are You Headed?

In the midst of Stressful Times, it is first recommended to be aware of where our Minds and Hearts are! First off, as my Wood Block indicates I have had moments when I have just felt, “Lost”! When I experience that, a state of mind of feeling “Disoriented” seems to settle in! Having said that, this is where, moving forward, it is important to reposition myself, or simply take a temporary “Time out” and just “Meditate”? Taking this action allows me to Not get overwhelmed, & Take a Deep Breath, may be 2, 3 or even 4 or 5 Breaths! You see, Folks, this is all about, not justy having a Mindset, but also allows me to make a complete “Mind-Shift”! This is critical as when a Ship may be off course, what to they do in that situation? Of course, they stop, maybe even take a breath or two, then take another reading on their compass to assess their Course of Action!

In Joshua Ehrlich’s Book, “Mind Shift” he says,

To manage information we need to manage ourselves, and this means managing our attention“,(Ehrlich, Joshua. MindShifting (p. 3). Portal Books. Kindle Edition.) thereby stopping dead in our tracks and assess where we are! And what are the benefits? Well, first of all, when we find ourselves are in a state of confusion, we are like a ship caught up in a proverbial Bermuda Triangle and have no direction! When Joshua Ehrlich talks about Clients who are “lost”, he further states:

My clients seek help because they find themselves stuck in a variety of ways. They typically respond by trying to work faster and harder — essentially doing more of the same. Unfortunately this strategy just leaves them worn out. Running their engines at top speed, there are too many things flying by for them to be able to attend to and take in anything new. By taking their foot off the gas, they can learn different strategies and actually get where they are going faster“. (Ehrlich, Joshua. MindShifting (p. 3). Portal Books. Kindle Edition.)

So too, Folks, modern Neuro-Science, is teaching us, when we stop to Meditate, we are re-creating new Neuro-paths in our Brains, thus, the beginning of New Habits. This is, in essence, consciously moving from a particular comfortable Mindset, and taking on a New Mind Shift, as vulnerable as that may feel! Afterall, John A. Shedd once said, “A Ship in harbor is safe, that is not what ships are for”!

So when we are feeling “Lost” or “Disoriented”, we must be Bold and move forward, and create those New Neuro-pathways in our Brains & learn the Art & Benefits Meditating daily! Not only will you feel better, you will be like that Ship that has acquired New Direction ready to be steered back on Course! And better, still, taking that more equipped course, along with Moments of pause, will prepare you for any unforeseen turbulence in the Course & what lies ahead.