Lucia Onieva

Everyone yearns to turn their dreams into reality. Each person has thoughts, ideas, and goals that they want to achieve in life. Dreams are our main driving force to progress and advance.

Success is everyone’s goal but the most difficult part of the equation is understanding what success looks like for us as individuals, connecting to the feeling of that vision as if it were already here and the journey to becoming successful. What can we do to reach this goal? 

Having the Dream is More Important Than You Think

Lucia G. Onieva, mindset and business alignment coach presents a rather fundamental way of turning dreams into reality.

Whether big or small, dreams are the creative vision to one’s true desired path. Most of today’s discoveries and inventions started with somebody’s dream once. Albert Einstein dreamt of reaching the speed of light and discovered the principle of relativity. Steve Jobs dreamt of putting a computer in the hands of everyday people and founded one of the leading tech companies in the world.

Dreams motivate people to go beyond the boundaries of their limits to achieve their aspirations. They give us a sense of purpose and the direction to navigate through life. They serve as beacons that guide us to where we should go. Without dreams, there would be no ambition to chase and no goals to reach.
So, what is the answer to one of the age-old questions, “how do we turn our dreams into reality?”

Lucia’s approach is to switch from autopilot mode to harnessing your life by bringing awareness to current habits and emotions, clarity to your unique goals, and developing new habits and actions in support of your dreamed/desired direction.

Who Is Lucia G. Onieva?

Onieva grew up in Madrid, Spain, and went to Icade University to study languages then, to IED Madrid to take up a degree in Fashion Design and Styling.

She has always had a special ability to connect with people, especially with children, with whom she has worked with since the age of 14. Thus, when she turned 18 years old, she joined ‘S.A.U.C.E.’, an NGO that works with disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Cambodia. She went back and forth to this Southeast Asian country to work with children who are victims of landmines, amputees, children stricken by poliomyelitis, and homeless. 

After spending many years constantly returning to Cambodia Lucia started to feel pressure from her family to get a ‘real’ job. This led her to New York to develop a career in the fashion design industry. There she spent seven years finding her way through the maze of the corporate world. She was happy with her corporate life, but she felt unfulfilled. Following a sudden loss of a close family member, Lucia began to feel disillusioned : “I reached a point where I realized pushing forward to make something that isn’t truly aligned with myself wasn’t in support of me reaching a place of peace, alignment, love, and transformation. That’s when I realized I could go back to supporting people and fulfill my true passion and essence through coaching,” she explained.

After her breakthrough, Onieva left the corporate world and spent two years coaching and studying from the Mexican-Caribbean jungle of Tulum in Mexico. During this time she looked inward at first, deeply studying her own personal transformation so she could better help others. This long search helped her define her purpose, “my passion is to help people. I guide them to know who they truly are and bring awareness to any blockages that are holding them back in their life and business by focusing on their unhealthy emotional patterns. Together we bring clarity to their desired goals, creating a framework of actions and habits that will turn their dreams into reality,“. She has continued to build her career supporting others and their businesses in an aligned and elevated way.

Controlling Your Emotions

Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio suggested in his book that “emotion is a necessary ingredient to almost all decisions.” 

To be human is to feel emotions. Sometimes it appears that you can’t control what you feel. “Feelings and emotions are a natural response based on inherited and individual thought patterns triggered by our life experiences. What you can do is learn to feel your emotions as they come without creating resistance and learn to control what to do with these emotions. Create the habit of letting go of emotions that are not in support of the reality you want to create. Flood your mind with emotions that are in support of you taking action towards turning your dreamed reality into your present reality,” Onieva noted.

In A Nutshell

Emotions are a part of life. They are feelings that are triggered by external and internal circumstances that mold our thought and behavior patterns. But we all have a choice to either let them run our lives or learn how to understand them and leverage them to benefit the fulfillment of our goals and dreams.

It all boils down to the frame of mind of an individual and their true readiness and desire to transform their lives. This is where mindset and business alignment coach Lucia G. Onieva comes in to support and guide you through your journey of elevation and transformation.  

“I’m telling my story to inspire others so they can find the strength and support to come to alignment with their dreams and achieve the results they desire. I believe we are all superhumans and have the inner capacity to achieve anything we set our hearts to reach. I am here to be of service and help elevate people and their business in a way that is authentic, aligned, and sustainable,” Onieva said.