Our brains have neuroplasticity. They change and grow throughout our life. This is wonderful news, especially for people whose brain development was affected by trauma.

Neurons that fire together wire together

Our brains have a bias toward survival over happiness. Our primitive brain areas can hijack our more evolved thinking brain, even taking it offline for a period of time. Understanding the basics of our brain and nervous system helps us function more effectively in life.

Adverse Childhood Experiences Score (ACES). Researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discovered in the 1990s that childhood neglect and trauma were far more pervasive than previously thought. Trauma has a lasting impact, negatively affecting all areas of people‚Äôs lives including physical and mental health, finances, violence, relationships, and addiction.

People often avoid facing trauma because it is so painful. We have already lived through the traumatic event or period but still feel the negative effects in our life. It is possible to heal the nervous system and enjoy life.

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