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The past studies confirmed that almost every user used to visit the travel portal approximately 12 to 32 times for a single reservation. This was the real matter of concern for end users. Travelers these day desire to get everything at one corner. Earlier only a few websites were offering these things. They have modified the customer experience which ultimately smoother the service for average passenger.

With time travel companies gets more acceptable towards online services. Earlier they were not getting enough confidence for the same. Travel APIs is one of the efforts towards continuous services. Here are some of the listed travel APIs

Choose From Best Travel APIs And Know How They Act

In the field of travel technology, successful linking refers to Travel APIs. This interface enables fetching of information and various features among individual software. Travel API act as a Control panel for developers for the purpose of connecting different software.

What it implies for travel companies?

If a company involved in the hotel industry then due to Travel APIs they are able to merge it with other requirements as well. For example, the company can enable its customer to book a cab as well from the portal by combining a hotel booking engine with vehicle rental.

This thing helps the company in earning some commission and allow customer ease in booking. Travel APIs are becoming a crucial topic for Travel companies. Here are some significant Travel APIs

Amadeus And Sabre GDS APIs For Complete Flight And Hotel Reservation

The travel industry is the major sector which requires updated information in larger quantity. To perform the daily task it is necessary to process the right information. GDS is what which is resolving the information needs of travel businesses.GDS gathers and combines the travel-related information from several suppliers in a common database. It enables tour operators to book a flight, hire cars, and reserve hotel rooms, etc.

Now there is no need to link with individual service providers as Travel APIs are here. This also paves a way for uncomplicated booking procedure for the end user.

GDSs Mainly Concerned With Five Types Of Bookings

  • Flight
  • Hotel stay
  • Hire cab
  • Cruise and Ships
  • Train

There are some major GDS named Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport, etc. Amadeus Sabre and Travelport are covering a huge section.

Amadeus APIs

Amadeus introduced their all-new website Amadeus for developers and withdraw their earlier collection of APIs. Earlier all the services at one place were not possible. The head of innovation program at Amadeus We asked Amadeus representatives for more detail. While some APIs are still in development, Fran Romero, Head of Open Innovation Programs at Amadeus seems very confident towards their latest interface.

The Amadeus API for development staff is produced to pace up the invention. It encourages unique approaches by allowing those who are at the peak of the travel business. The developers are in a position to locate Amadeus API integration apart from the instruments, sources, and assistance they require to develop and begin their applications immediately.

For the time being Amadeus API is served in two ways.

Self-Service APIs

The Self Service APIs launched as a replacement for Travel innovation sandbox. GDS was not trusted by businessmen earlier so they used Travel innovation sandbox for testing purpose only. It was not implemented for the development purpose. Later on, it was recognized by the company that it should be applied for corporate purpose as well. The self-service allow automatic entree to Production.

What can you perform with it?

  • Flights and ticket price exploration (involving  cheapest tickets, various scheduled stops, low-priced dates, and so on)
  • Hotel booking

Currently, the Self-Service APIs is taking care of Airline and Hotel industry only. But with the time there are chances that it may expand to other travel industry contributors.

Enterprise APIs.

The Enterprise APIs covers wider part than Self-Service APIs. This covers extra assistance:

  • Flight booking  
  • Railway booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Vehicle hire booking
  • Relocation
  • Ship booking
  • Travel insurance reservation
  • Utilities
  • Customer profiles

Both the type of Amadeus API consist of various APIs. The fact is that some of them are completely advisory such as flight ticket exploration or manageable timing prices.Remaining are for reservation purpose only.This thing enables the right flexibility in designing a plan for your offerings.

Sabre APIs

All the GDS renders quite similar functionalities. Sabre APIs allow same function as Amadeus APIs but it segment it into eight categories.

  • Flight booking
  • Land transports ( hired car, train)
  • Cruises booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Profiles
  • Trip management
  • Session management
  • Utility

Sabre APIs Integration is quite identical to Amadeus APIs. It does not allow travel insurance and transfer booking from the airport. If these are strictly needed in your case it is good to go for Amadeus APIs.

Travelport APIs

Travelport covers Galileo, Worldspan, and Apollo, etc. This Global distribution system has its individual name in the market of API. These GDS are merged into one Travelport Universal API. It is not like other GDS as the universal API comprises a pool of functionalities.

  • GDSs covers: Apollo, Worldspan, and Galileo
  • Flight Air API
  • Rail API
  • Travelport stay
  • Prices and secondary support
  • Customer profiles

For the time being Travelport is not offering Cruise API, Insurance API and transfer APIs. In that case, choosing Amadeus APIs is best as Sabre APIs also not provides the same.

This is a long time hurdle to select from various GDS APIs.You can differentiate GDS on the basis of market share and costing. The Sabre has a strong position in the US but it is lacking anywhere else. Amadeus GDS is influencing Europe market and losing strength in other countries.

GDSs provide general data for booking and reservations. However, if you need specific solutions like hotel booking or car rentals, it’s worth looking at dedicated products.


GDS is crucial to the information needs of the travel sector.Although every GDS provides almost the same APIs still there are some APIs which are not available in the Sabre APIs and Travelport API. It is better to do some study before choosing a right GDS