Pre-trip travel:

I have been traveling for more than 40 years. In my debut, for scout boots, a Lambretta and then my first old banger followed by new bangers on the beaches of the Costa Brava.

My thumbs, boots, bicycles and bracelets took me all over Europe and the UK before I discovered that a charter flight to Spain in an old “Connie” could drive me faster to beaches and beaches. bars and give more time to enjoy local trips Possibilities on horseback and by car and sometimes by bus and train.

“Go West and Prosper” seems like a good idea, so instead of taking an 8-hour flight, I took an 8-day transatlantic trip from Tilbury to Montreal, to Stephan Batory from Polish Ocean Lines, ensuring that jet lag This will not affect my travel plans. A few years later, I crossed the pond again on a boat, but this time it was five times bigger, I traveled with style in the QE2 and dined at Queen’s Grill, which is far from my previous experience.

I highly recommend traveling by sea, but I do not see myself on any of the modern cruise ships that go from port to port with constant alignments to get on and off and buy t-shirts. However, in the Caribbean, I’ve done 10 memorable Windjammers crossings and Star Clipper cruises (I hope Windjammer Barefoot Cruises will recover from their problems). But I go astray.