Many say travel broadens the mind. Exploring new places has had the consistent effect of changing our perspective. From the feelings you have when you look to see the massive, seemingly endless ocean while at the beach, or the awe inspiring outlook on the world from a mountain top, travel brings to our lives a different sense of perspective. Amanda Nelson is the CEO and content creator behind Exploring Amanda, a travel brand that focuses on the unbelievable places you can travel to along with the mental and physical well-being benefits of travel. Throughout Amanda’s life, she found travel had a major impact, clearing her mind through difficult times, bringing a sense of wonder to her life, and improving her mental health are just a few of the ways travel can change your perspective on life. Amanda Nelson has a strong belief that the values derived from traveling can have a profound impact on your life, and how you are able to overcome challenges, improve your mental health, and work to empower yourself. 

You Change Your Perspective:

Throughout our lives, I am sure someone has told you to look at a problem from someone else’s perspective. In addition to this, understanding your perspective on life or an issue allows you to have a better understanding of the people and problems around you. Travel has an unbelievable ability for you to have a different perspective, and will allow you to translate this value into your own life. You never quite understand how lucky you are until you have the ability to view things from different perspectives. Just as in travel, where every place you go you experience different values, different backgrounds, different challenges, understanding different perspectives will allow you to understand the same components in your daily life. 

Living in the Moment

Living in the moment has had a fundamental affect on my life. Far too often, we go throughout the day nervous about what lies ahead, stressed out about the next day or moment, rather than thoroughly enjoying what is directly in front of us. In travel, you quickly learn the essential adaptation to live in the moment. When traveling there is no where else except for where you are, and translating this notion in our daily lives allows us the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Take in each moment, and live your life to the fullest, we should advocate to unplug from the complicated things in life and simply enjoy what is in front of us. 

Moments Rather Than Money

When you begin to travel, you quickly realize you have the capability to get the most enjoyment out of any situation when you live in the moment. The benefit of this aspect of life is you quickly begin to realize that it is moments, rather than money, that we cherish the most. Life is about smiles, laughs, excitement, rather than expensive price tags. As you travel, you begin to associate this aspect with your life. You begin to have less worry about money, and look forward to the moments we all have together. Have fun at dinner regardless of how much the meal costs, get th most out of your home no matter the price, as you continue to look at life through the eyes of moments, life becomes more enjoyable and far less complicated. 

Just Go With It

Possibly the largest thing you learn from travel, and also the fastest, is the need to simply go with the flow. Perhaps a restaurant is not quite what you thought it would be, or a destination is not exactly what you were led to believe it was like, you still will offer yourself the opportunity to get the most enjoyment and excitement out of it. When you begin to just go with the flow, so much of life’s stress, worry, and fear begins to fade away. Rather than remaining upset that something is not up to par, enjoy it, live in the moment, and focus on moments rather than money, you learn to find excitement in more things. This is a wonderful perspective that we can bring into our daily lives. Learning how to go with the flow improves relationships and our mental well-being. 

Embrace Life

Saving the best for last, the largest learning curve you begin to inherit from traveling is the understanding of how to embrace life. Embracing life is the culmination of the four previous mentioned outlooks on life, and the ability to embrace life can fundamentally change yours. It does not matter where you go, who you are with, how popular or trendy it is, or how much it cost, have the time of your life. Embracing life in travel allows you the opportunity to look forward to the excitement that is soon to come, rather than the more common thought of worrying about what lies ahead. Rather than looking at the negatives of something, you begin to view the positives of it. Embracing life through travel, brings into your day-to-day life a sense of appreciation and increased happiness. This essential part of travel brings into our lives appreciation, and improves our mental health, and allows us the opportunity to find our purpose and passion.

Travel absolutely broadens the mind. It places challenges in front of us that are reflective of the difficulties faced in life. The way so many of us overcome challenges and enjoy life while traveling can be perfectly added to our lives as a whole. The valuable ideas I have gained while traveling the world have completely changed my life, my mental well-being, and has made me a more empowered person, and I am positive this can change your life as well.