Traveling helps you better understand parts of yourself in various ways. By exploring new cultures and meeting with new people from different backgrounds, one learns to appreciate the diversity of human life, and how different perspectives can be, says Georges Chahwan. Traveling also encourages you to reflect on your experiences both good and bad, allowing you to see your own life in a new light. The ability to look back at yourself from an outside perspective helps people realize their potential as well as the deficits they may have.

Traveling has also the ability to make someone become more grateful about things in their own life which improved their happiness in general. It is so easy to get used to the luxuries we have in our lives and forget how lucky we are. When one looks back at himself from an outside perspective, they will likely realize that there are others out there who suffer a lot more than they do. This guilt can lead them to appreciate their own life better and makes them happier overall.

Traveling helps you understand yourself because it forces you to be alone with your thoughts and feelings, which enables you to reflect upon them deeply. It lets you reflect on things that are important to you and define where your priorities lie in life, adds Georges Chahwan. You have time to do what really makes you happy without having others judge your choices. When one is able to discover exactly what they want out of life, they can become more confident people who are also happier overall because they know what goals they need to work towards.