Traveling During the Pandemic - Chris Janese

Traveling during the pandemic can be scary, considering there are many different ways you and your loved ones could get infected. These uncertain times are not only frightening but life-threatening, but you have to still keep on living and experiencing life. While the CDC still states that it isn’t a good idea for you and your family to embark on nonessential travel, some people have started to get restless. If you decide to take a trip with your children, you must research ways to stay safe on your journey, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick and spreading the deadly virus.

First, you should keep a mental note of your health. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID, you need to stay home and quarantine after getting a test. If you aren’t infected with the virus and decide on a travel destination, you must check the virus’s status in that area. If there are still large numbers of COVID cases, it is best to avoid that area. While airlines these days are practicing social distancing and keeping the plane clean, that still doesn’t mean you are in the clear. Be sure to wash your hands and wear your face mask.

Living with someone that is high risk in their chances of getting the virus is also an important factor to consider when planning a trip. Even if an area is completely safe, there is always that risk that you could potentially infect them if you come across someone infected by the virus. What is so deadly about this particular pandemic is that the virus is airborne, and people can be asymptomatic.

If you decide to travel but are understandably too afraid to fly, the CDC has stated that road trips are technically pretty safe. If you have spent your time quarantining with a particular group of people, you could go on a road trip with them and not worry about getting infected and spreading the virus. Chances are, you know, where those people have been, and it is safe to say they probably haven’t been around large groups of people. Deciding to go on a road trip could not only be a great memory, but something you could look forward to in times of uncertainty.