Traveling in a post covid-19 world

It’s a certainty that the COVID-19 coronavirus has put a halt to everyone’s current travel plans.  Are you thinking about drinking a strawberry margarita on the beach?  You’ll have to wait a while.  

Most of us are locked away in our homes right now.  For example, I’m writing from Modena, Italy, and should have been on a cruise right now. Unfortunately, COVID-19 had other plans. Once or twice a day, I get to walk around my parking lot, and that’s a luxury!  But sure, traveling will come back, eventually.  Here’s how you can get ready for travel in a post COVID-19 Coronavirus world.

 Things to Consider When Traveling After the Coronavirus.

  1. Get used to wearing a mask in public.  No, it’s not a bad look.  And many new companies are selling fashionable masks!  Here’s the thing.  While COVID-19 is still around us, it’s widely accepted that we should wear some form of protection – at least for the sake of others.  
  2. Keep some alcohol-based solution on you at all times.  And, not just for your hands!  Use it to sanitize surfaces that you’ll be touching.  Think headrests, armrests, chairs, etc.
  3. International travel might be a little challenging in the short term.  So, consider traveling locally.  Not only will you help people in your local community, but you’ll feel at least in some small way, some form of authenticity that might not be available on a more significant trip.
  4. Consider “Cancel for any reason” travel insurance.  Travel insurance will likely be an essential tool in the coming months as there are still lots of unknowns regarding this virus.

Did I miss anything?  Feel free to comment below.



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