He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left.

Life happens so quickly, and with the blink of an eye, we are being responsible for so much in our life. We have full-time jobs, we care for and are responsible for other people. While life goes on, most people think the window of time for us to travel is over.

As a young man, Rasmus always loved to travel and after experiencing a panic attack, Rasmus found solace in traveling, which in many ways even cured him. Traveling helps restore his energy and helps him experience the many adventures of life, that’s what he lives for.

Rasmus  says traveling changes lives and teaches us about ourselves and the world we live in. We become poetic and sentimental while learning about budgets, organizing, and packing. It’s one of the most exciting and fun ways to become a better person. When you decide to travel to a certain destination, your mind begins to run a course of action. From planning the best commute to packing the bags and leaving, everything is organized to reach the final destination. When you travel, you will need to make sure your money lasts for weeks or even months. Your priorities will shift – from spontaneous shopping sprees to meticulously planned purchases. At the same time, you will learn when to save and when to splurge.

He says leaving behind your loved ones while traveling teaches the value of loving people in your life. Traveling teaches history, emotions, love, psychology, culture, art, literature. Traveling teaches you how much you are worth it. Traveling highlight your best qualities and shows how wonderful you truly are. Traveling can change your life if you let it. But, what is the point if we do not take things away each time? We do things that make us happy while we travel that we never do back home, but why? You can feel that we are just overall healthier when we travel, bring that travel mentality back home with you, and be the best you. You deserve it!

Here are my thoughts about what you will learn about …

You learn about different cultures.

Travel is the best way to learn about the foreign countries, their people and cultures. Well, culture is a huge word. And if you have a good portion of curiosity you will try the different cuisine in every country. Even the different regions within offer an entirely different variation of food. I enjoy it when I have food all around me. And I am sure you will have joy in it, too.

You learn history.

You studied about the civilizations and major historical events in your history class. All that was really cool. But nothing beats traveling to historic landmarks and exploring your way around a city’s history and culture.

When you stroll through the streets and visit museums, palaces and galleries, the entire nation’s history comes out right in front of you. Learning about different dynasties, conflicts and changes is so much easier when you actually explore a nation.

Traveling helps you build confidence

You’ve just traveled to a new country, far away from home. You have learned a new language, and used it to haggle over prices in the local market. They’re all things you didn’t know you could do before. With travel, come challenges. And the more challenges you take on, the more confident of yourself you become.

Seeing new places and meeting new people is easier while traveling. We tend to let down our guard which make us more social. If you can step outside your comfort zone while traveling, it can be a great confidence booster. You can learn things not only about the world but also about yourself.