It may sound difficult to be alone in a new place but it’s an amazing way to discover the world. People are always looking for ways to relax and relieve stress, traveling is one of the best ways to do this because you get out of your comfort zone. Being out in the real world, exploring all that it has to offer, is truly invigorating, says Georges Chahwan. While taking time for yourself might not seem like an ideal way to combat stress, it’s actually very effective. Traveling solo allows you to focus on all aspects of life without distractions by offering “you” time which can be beneficial when trying to achieve mental well-being.

Studies have shown that taking time for yourself can lower blood pressure while increasing serotonin levels which reduces depression, anxiety, and overall stress. People tend to get stuck in a routine at their jobs or with family, but once you break out of this cycle you will begin to feel refreshed.

Being alone allows you to reflect on your life choices and gives perspective on what’s truly important without any distractions, adds Georges Chahwan. There’s something freeing about being by yourself surrounded by people who don’t know your story or how your day was, which helps clear the mind. When reflecting on life it can be helpful to remove all distractions which is why traveling solo is so beneficial. One may also more easily connect with strangers while traveling because there’s no pre-existing relationship to worry about unlike with friends or family. This allows for new perspectives on old problems as you talk to others who come from different backgrounds.