You’ve probably heard somebody say this, or something similar at some point in your life. It is a saying that has been around for many years and everyone knows it even if no one really knows where it came from. The idea behind the phrase is just common sense: treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.

However, despite its simplicity and popularity, there is a risk that it might be misunderstood and misused.

Some people might think that this means we should treat everyone the same. They may take it as a way of avoiding conflict by never telling somebody they disagree with to do something differently, or saying no if somebody asks them for a favor because they don’t want to hurt their feelings. This is not what the phrase means.

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Learn when to say “no”

The goal of this saying is to avoid causing unnecessary harm to others; you shouldn’t do something that would hurt someone if it wasn’t necessary, even if they asked you to or you want them to like you. You should simply act in a way that causes the least amount of pain possible. For example, if someone wants you to sacrifice something that’s important to you then tell them no.

Be honest

You should also be open and honest with people about your views on subjects, even if it might upset them or cause conflict. Being honest does not mean being rude or offensive but it can sometimes mean risking hurting somebody’s feelings in order to tell them the truth. This will make people trust you and respect you, and it is certainly better than lying to keep them happy.

If everybody acted this way then we would all be happier; nobody would feel like they were being taken advantage of or manipulated, and everyone would know where they stand with others. However, this way of acting is not easy and may sometimes even make you feel uncomfortable.

Making compromises

It’s easier to treat everyone the same or avoid conflict by making compromises, but while these things might put off problems for now they will probably cause them in the long term. If you act this way then it usually means that one day somebody will ask too much of you, take advantage of you, or frustrate you and it will be difficult to deal with them. It is much better to try and stop this before it starts.

There is no fool proof way of always acting this way, we all make mistakes and sometimes we might even cause unnecessary harm without meaning to do so. However, the more you practice the easier it will become and the more you will be able to avoid causing pain.

Many people interpret this rule as meaning that one should treat everyone in the same manner, regardless of their actions or behavior towards you. While there is nothing wrong with treating everybody equally , it is meant to be interpreted in the manner that you should treat others in ways that are beneficial to them, not necessarily to yourself.

There must be a balance between self-interest and consideration for others. If you are constantly doing things to help other people, at the expense of your own interest, then this will lead to resentment from them or even a feeling that they owe you something in return . It is important to find a balance between giving and taking so that both parties feel happy about their relationship with each other.

Give your family the attention they deserve

When it comes to family , this rule is often interpreted as meaning that one should ignore their own desires, comfort and needs in order to meet those of everybody else. This can be very draining for anybody; no matter how much somebody loves their family, there are only so many sacrifices that they can make before they feel fatigued.