Ferrari is so fast and powerful. However, if we don’t service it regularly and fill it up with proper fuel… how fast… and how far… do you think it will go?! Would you squeeze everything out of it first? Or would you take care of it before going for a ride?

Exactly the same with functioning as a human being. We are magnificent and capable! However, too many of us burn ourselves out and only the-e-en start practicing self-care trying to recharge (only to go into another battle straight after). Been there done that! I was in constant grind sprinting and collapsing from exhaustion for 30 years to finally learn the following.

We need to set in place daily practices, routines and rituals that bring us joy and/or charge us up. In particular, it is the way to prevent and manage anxiety and depression (that a lot of us are roller coasting between at the moment). Don’t wait to burn yourself out. Speaking from my own painful experience, as I highlighted in my 2nd TEDx talk, it’s so much easier to prevent than to deal with once it happens.

Going back to my Ferrari analogy, in Formula 1, just so you know, despite all technological advancements, more key positions are gained thanks to ‘pit strategy’ rather than overtaking!

Take care of yourself as you would of a Ferrari ?