Get Dressed Quickly and Look Like You Made an Effort

Let’s not do battle in the morning. When I explain to my clients that the end goal is opening the closet and everything fits perfectly, you love every piece and it’s all from the current season, I have literally seen tears. I’m a fashion designer, I’m a wardrobe consultant and even I don’t want to spend time getting dressed in the morning. I have other things to do! Sometimes a client will say “I want to look like you”. Now I’m in shock. I spent 5 minutes getting dressed. Here are my top 3 tips to take the stress away and look amazing.

Tip #1: Take the clothes OUT of the closet that don’t fit. You know what they are. I had pants that I was looking at for 2 years wondering and hoping that I would someday fit into them. Everyday I saw them and felt bad that I’m not that size anymore. Will I be that size? Am I eating too much? Too much stress! Now you have 2 choices to make when dealing with these items. Do you want to keep them and store them outside the closet (hello Costco bins) or donate them. That’s it, just do it.

Tip #2: Mix and match what you have left to create outfits. Enlist help from friends or a stylist to help get these looks fine tuned. I take photos of my clients in their outfits or they take selfies to have a record. Some have binders in their closet with pictures of outfits and some keep them on their phone. As you put outfits together you will discover a few key pieces that are missing. Start a list on your phone. “Need new winter boots and black t-shirts”. The goal is LESS not more. We don’t need a closet jammed with clothes. At the very least we need mix-and-match outfits and a few fun pieces.

Tip #3: Take out the clothes that you don’t like. We’re all guilty of this. When I do closet appointments there’s usually about a dozen items that we take out that my client just plain does not like. Maybe you bought it thinking you would like it but you don’t. Maybe it was a gift. Regardless, say goodbye.
Now what’s left? Clothes that FIT and you like them, happy mornings ahead!