Trends That Will Change Business in 2021 - Steven Lewis Weiner

The business world is continuously changing, but lately, change seems to be happening faster than ever. The pandemic has dramatically altered how many key industries run, and small trends have suddenly picked up the pace. Being aware of these trends can help innovators make smart choices for the upcoming year. Here are a few key trends to keep an eye out for in 2021.

Remote Work is Becoming a Necessity, Not a Luxury

With industry titans like Google switching to remote work, there are more remote working opportunities than ever. Almost all workers prefer this style of work, citing perks like a better work-life balance. Companies who insist on people coming into the office to work may find it increasingly hard to hang onto talented employees. Those with higher levels of skills have plenty of remote work options to choose from, and most are planning on exploring remote work opportunities.

Industry Centers are Shifting

The growth in remote work and the prohibitive real estate prices in major cities means fewer businesses are launching in areas like New York City or San Francisco. Instead, many of the leaders in their fields are operating out of mid-sized cities like Atlanta and Denver. This may provide attractive new opportunities for employers and employees.

Labor is More Specialized

Gone are the days of people who have one catch-all title like “programmer.” As things get more complex, a higher degree of specialization is needed. Modern employees cannot learn every facet of a job. Instead, they often choose to become an expert in one field. More businesses than ever are looking for people with so-called nano degrees. These special certifications and training courses allow people to pick up specialized skills.

Entrepreneurship Continues to Grow

The rise in entrepreneurs seems to be a natural progression of the “gig economy.” More and more people are comfortable working for themselves, doing freelance or contracting work instead of signing on with a big company. As these experienced freelancers look for ways to expand their business, they start to work on higher-level projects and team up with other freelancers. This is leading to the growth of all sorts of new businesses and ideas.