I know for many the rawness of vulnerability and powerlessness feels like a rabbit hole that never ends.Your world might be spinning right now, in a plume of smoke where aspects of self keep disappearing, leaving the possibly of integration at the threshold of nothingness.The source of your trauma is within your grasp at this juncture in history.What was individual stopped being so and rests in the domain of the collective.We will be entering the year of the tribe.A time when your personal landscape melds with dimensions and realities where anything is possible.But for anything to be possible, the constraints which bind us have to be gently unwound, with respect and dignity towards the miasms that once made us and our ancestors feel whole.
The renewing of self, the renewing of the collective, are being interwoven at speeds unknown to humankind before now.There is a deepening of that vulnerability and we are all feeling it.Coupled with long held emotions that traverse our inner universe, we remain still until we feel that tribe surrounding us, pulling us into a tabernacle of holiness we have never witnessed before.And oh, we will witness the nature of who we are in relationship to the universe in unprecedented ways.You can no longer carry yourself.The tribe will carry you as you carry others.
This is the way.