Have you considered taking a trip to London? The capital of England is full of attractions and is considered one of the most important for those who want to know the Old World. After all, the city goes far beyond the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the royal family.

Have questions about that? Just think that London was founded in the year 43 by the Romans. With a history full of villages and wars, today it is one of the most influential in the world and one of the leading financial centers. For tourists, it offers several tours and a lot of cultural diversity – only in its territory are spoken more than 300 languages.

This description shows only a minor part of why it is worth traveling to London. There are still other factors, which we will see in this practical guide. That way you will know everything you have to do when you get there and what experiences you can enjoy. Check out!

London Accommodation

One of the first points to think about when you decide to visit London with travel agency is where to stay during your stay. The city is huge and it is necessary to consider the different regions, even though the subway serves all neighbourhood.

Opting for a farther location wastes time commuting, not to mention that subway tickets and taxi fare tend to make up the difference for a better-positioned hotel. That’s why we have listed below the best neighborhoods to stay in London.

Covent Garden

The neighborhood is very close to the center and makes it easy to get around on foot, by subway or by taxi. It is close to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, key areas of the city that are always full of tourists. One of the advantages is the exciting nightlife of Covent Garden and its proximity to the main attractions of London.


The buzzing nightlife is one of Soho’s main features. It is considered a continuation of Covent Garden and is in the West End, the region known as London’s Broadway.


The neighborhood is one of the chicest in the capital and is south of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. It has some excellent tours such as Victoria and Albert Museum, Harrods and Royal Albert Hall. It is an excellent region for those who want to pay more for comfort, as there are several luxury hotels. The place is also quiet and has fewer tourists. However, it is farther from most sights.

Kings cross

The place is more economical than the previous ones and is near the station of the same name. From there, most trains depart for the rest of Europe and the country, as well as connecting to various city lines. It is a cheap alternative because it has different hostels. Hotels are also geared toward those with a tighter budget.


The neighborhood is more authentic and hip and is known as the new Camden. Although not traditional, it is a good option for your trip to London, because it has alternative shops, pubs and food trucks. It is further away, but offers easy access to the subway and is busy on weekends.

Camden town

The last option is known for having various fairs and markets. Chief among these is the diversity of styles and people passing through the place. So it’s easy to find someone playing blues or jazz, for example. There are many creative and exotic restaurants, not to mention that the neighborhood has a personality of its own. On the other hand, it is emptied at night and is about 25 minutes from downtown.

Any of these neighborhoods get more expensive in the summer, because the season is considered the peak season in the country. It is worth visiting the city during this period, because there is a more intense cultural agenda and several outdoor options.