Let me explain.

John Morrow, one of the most successful bloggers in history, while in college had a mental shift after he implemented this very idea.

Leading him to run over 3 successful blogs with a countless number of publications in a very short time.

As a writer, you can testify of how strenuous it can be producing a single headline, let alone the main work.

Understand this.

One of the best ways to torture yourself is to believe that everything you write has to be original.

It’s far, far better to steal.

Let me explain further.

No, I don’t mean violating copyrights or claiming ownership of work, not yours.

This method is ethical and very simple to apply too.

Do you have a mentor, someone whom you desire to write like?

If yes, congratulations. If no, find one now.

The thing is this.

Humans are great at imitation and no, it doesn’t mean you are lazy. You are being smart.

Do this.

Model the write-ups of your mentor, take about 3 articles a week and mentally analyse them.

Find the keywords that interest you and copy them into your own language.

In doing so, you better your writing and still speak in your own language.

See those headlines that hook you? It’s not something new. It’s been there. Problem is, you don’t know.

Every great writer is a thief; ethical thief though.

What do you think?


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