Beliefs drive our unconscious minds. Awareness for some can instantly change the direction of your choices, the direction of your business, and the direction of your health.

Removing energy blocks or beliefs patterns is part the of brain retraining program that I offer. Supporting people to become who they were born to be when all things are possible is my passion.

When I talk about the unconscious mind, many people dismiss it as fringe, an alternative, or not important.

You many not know that the unconscious mind is what keeps our bodies alive. It controls heart rate, breathing, and stores all of our memories and emotions. The conscious mind, or the ego, has limits on what it can control, such as retrieve 7 plus or minus 3 bits of information at any given moment. If we are to change, the unconscious mind needs to release old patterns or beliefs that no longer work. More simply, the unconscious mind needs a nudge to take action to move forward to attract prosperity.

Josh, one of my coaching students reached out and asked:

“During today’s call you mentioned you read my DNA and said something about money. Was it that something along the lines of I’m not worried about money so therefore I’m not super interested in making a ton?

Also, what else can you read about me? I’m very curious as I think the more aware, we are of our habits and beliefs the easier it is to change them.


Understanding Our Relationship with Money

You have to create your desire to make money by changing your belief system. You don’t need to be worried about money to generate tremendous wealth. The lack of worry should produce enormous wealth as you don’t have inherent stress. This somehow got rewired in your brain. 

Wealth occurs when you are doing what you love and supporting others. The flower or the tree, for example, is in its nature to grow to produce pollen and replicate and be successful. Its gift to the world is to support bees, create oxygen for us to breathe, show beautiful colors that relax people’s minds, or their smell creates an experience. Win-win.

Money is a reward for energetic exchange for your work—a tool. Making a ton of it does matter as it raises the vibration of your relationships, your ability to give, and the energetics of your child’s future. To want to grow, share, and prosper. 

Josh lets look at the mindset of your mentor who is a strength coach. He has the same energetic field as you, he does not work because he needs money or because he is not worried about it; he overworks for shear competition and the love of winning. He is also motivated by his passion for transforming athletes and making them the best so his legacy lives on.  

Most of the billionaires I support or treat made money because of the desire to win and be the best in their fields. The money results from that energy, it’s not the primary reason they created what they did. 

Look at the opportunities and success will flow.

If you don’t have a winning attitude about success and money, you will not attract success and people will not be attracted to you because energetically your frequency is lower. People gravitate to those who have high frequencies.

Money is neither good nor bad, it just is. 

Opportunities will not be attracted to you, such as working with elite athletes. 

My mindset is that I can manifest anything and from that I do. It’s every strength coach’s dream to work with athletes. I was always invited as I believe in the abundance of energy. People see the high vibration and want to be around it, which produces massive amounts of wealth. 

Think of creating success as creating a legacy for your child. He will be proud to see what you built and what you contribute to his well-being and others, and how you supported and loved his mom. 

The more money you generate, the more you can help others.

Redirect your unconscious mind to start creating tremendous wealth and opportunities so you can bring your healing gifts to the world. 

We have the ability to create the live the life we desire and deserve, sometimes we just need a nudge to move past blocks we are unaware of.

To work with me to create move past beliefs that no longer serve you, please reach out to [email protected]