Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

You really never stop learning.

In this last 2 years I learned that patience is not necessarily one of my virtues. It is funny because there are a lot of people in my life who would call me patient and understanding and in some situations I can be immensely patient. When I was in school my literature teacher used to pair me with the ‘naughty’ boys in class for all my projects, she did that because she said that I was patient enough to handle them.

I have often had friends and family also commend me on my ability to be patient with other people and their personalities so I always thought patience was key quality of mine.

But it turns out there are different types of patience.

I can be very patient with people. But I am not always patient with life. I learned (the hard way) that sometimes you just need to give things time. Life, love, relationships work out the way it is meant to for you – but it won’t always happen according to your timeline.

There are moments and opportunities that come by and yes we should grab them – that’s not the same as forcing them along. In a relationship people process and move forward at their own pace, this requires patience from the one whose pace is a little faster.

Whatever you belief system – whether it’s god, the universe, nature, karma – you will be provided what you need in life but it will not happen in the timeline that you want it to. It will happen in the timeline that it happens.

You want things to work out for you, you want to make things happen, you want to move forward. But sometimes the right thing to do is to stay still for a moment and be patient.