Starting a startup and growing a startup is no easy feat, you have to figure out so many things! Founders need every help we can get to quickly learn how to do things well.

In this article I want to highlight two business women that I recently interviewed. They are doing amazing thing helping founders in marketing, growth, business strategy, team collaboration and more.

Natalie Luneva

Natalie Luneva is a SaaS coach focused on helping SaaS companies with growth, clarity, and team performance.

Natalie guides SaaS companies on how to optimize their website and product for conversion and growth.

In addition, Natalie has a knowledge-packed podcast for SaaS founders and professionals called SaaS Boss. As well as an active group on Facebook called SaaS Boss

When Natalie does coaching for SaaS startups, she focuses on 3 aspects: 

  • Marketing and growth
  • Business clarity and business practices
  • Improving team performance

This way Natalie helps SaaS startups identify high ROI opportunities. 

Her 10 year experience in digital marketing helps her guide SaaS businesses in figuring out the right approach in understanding strategy and customers, before diving into marketing.

Natalie says “as far as business clarity and business priorities, oftentimes founders think ‘I need help with SEO, or I need to launch PPC.’ But when you actually dive deeper, even in Google Analytics, you can tell that for example producing more content is not the problem, you’re already getting enough traffic, you just need to learn how to convert it. So that’s what I call identifying high ROI opportunities.”

To connect with Natalie check out her website at, follow her on Twitter @Natalie_Luneva and join the SaaS Boss Facebook group.

Jasmine Wang

Jasmine is co-founder and CEO at Copysmith, an Artificial Intelligence-powered startup that’s automating the generation of creative copy for marketing. Using it businesses can create ads for Google, Facebook, Instagram, product tag-lines, descriptions and more.

Jasmine comes with deep knowledge of Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). She studied computer science in college and then worked on NLP research at MILA the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, it’s the largest Deep Learning Lab in the world, headed by Yoshua Bengio who’s one of the three godfathers of deep learning. Jasmine also worked on research at Open AI, the company that developed the GPT-3 model which Copysmith uses for the AI.

Copysmith is designed to be a daily tool in a founder’s and marketer’s arsenal Jasmine says. She mentioned “We’re really trying to make Copysmith into a tool that can be utilized daily for all of the marketing and copywriting needs”.

Copysmith works by selecting the content template the user wants to create, template options include Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, product descriptions, taglines, and even blog posts. Once you select the content template, you begin by entering basic information such as your company name, your audience, a short description, a few keywords and the tone you want your creation to have. 

The tool then creates the text automatically for you! It gives you a few versions with different text so you can choose what you like best.

I tried it and it’s highly accurate, the text it created is very impressive. Things I probably wouldn’t be able to come up on my own.

To check out Copysmith and experience the product visit, there is a free tier available. Follow Jasmine and Copysmith on Twitter at  @j_asminewang @copysmith_ai