Born in Beijing China, Sunnie Quing was exposed to a variety of arts that are widely celebrated throughout the capital region of China. Being witness to the beauty and versatility of art, Sunnie was drawn into it until she decided to study music with her younger sister. 

Wanting to perfect her craft even further, Sunnie began studying acting, film production, and directing at Columbia College Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. She is also studying under some of the top dance instructors and voice coaches in Hollywood.

Later on, Sunnie was cast in one of the most famous Chinese TV shows in history. “The love of Aurora” was described as “the most expensive TV production show in 2016” by all Chinese mainstream Media. Sunnie is now looking forward to taking the international experience she gained working on Chinese television straight to Hollywood.

Sunnie’s experience in Chinese media allowed her to open her own media company in China where she helps international artists to promote their brand through TitTok, magazines, TV shows, and presses. 

Today, Sunnie is taking a bigger step into the game by collaborating with Sony Top 100 producer DJ Bander on her next single. She is also working on an ongoing Tik Tok series with Danni and the Chinese Tik Tok sensation the Unicorn.

Like Sunnie, many others want to achieve their dreams, whether it’s being an artist or something else entirely. Here are three pieces of advice from Sunnie to help inspire others towards their goal. 

Focus And Invest 

“Focus on one thing that you really want to do, and invest all your time and effort into it. Don’t get sidetracked and distracted,” Sunnie said.

As someone dedicated to her craft, Sunnie wasted no time and energy in developing her skills until she became ready and well-equipped to take on significant roles. This led to her becoming part of the positively acclaimed TV show in Chinese media. 

Through her years of harnessing her skills and potential, Sunnie continued to believe in herself and not take “no” for an answer. Because she knew that she had to do something to get what she wanted in life. 

Listen To Your Supporters 

Being an artist doesn’t always mean that people will be a hundred percent on board with their craft and what they put out to the world. And at times, they will offer criticisms or negative comments that can discourage many. 

For Sunnie, this negativity shouldn’t be the voice of reason that rings inside one’s head. Instead, they should listen to the people who truly support them so they can be more inspired to reach their goals. 
Learn more about Sunnie Quing through her Instagram page (@sunniequing).