Growing up, Keiana Armani has always been in awe of high-end designer clothing. She would often attempt to recreate designer ensembles that were a little out of her price range. This led to her creating her personal style that was sure to make heads turn wherever she went. 

Eventually, a deep love for styling sparked within Keiana and prompted her to create new, stylish looks. 

Presently, Keiana is an entrepreneur, creative director, fashion stylist, certified fitness trainer, and founder/CEO of Indigo Blue Style based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She and her team are committed to assisting women around the globe through products and information with a message of embracing their inner empress and living their best life by uncovering their truest form of self. 

She has worked with the fashion industry’s leading photographers and fashion stylists. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, most recently Keiana was featured in Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and Digital Journal. Keiana has also been credited by Essence for top street-style looks during New York Fashion Week.

Advice To Success 

With all these recognitions under her name, it’s no surprise that Keiana has inspired others to follow in her footsteps. And to help them achieve levels of success as she did, Keiana offers two pieces of advice. 

The first is to have faith in oneself because how can anyone achieve something great if they don’t believe that they can. 

“Belief in oneself is vital to achieving anything great,” she said. 

Another piece of advice that she offers is to stay committed and dedicated to the vision that they had when they first started. This way, they can stay focused no matter what happens along their journey. 

Dealing With The Challenges Of Life 

Even though Keiana has amassed a lot of achievements in her career, she’s no stranger to dealing with obstacles. But instead of being fazed by these, she developed a deeper understanding of them. 

“I overcome obstacles by understanding that they are a part of the journey of becoming great. I believe that any obstacle broken down piece by piece with strategy can be tackled,” she shared. 

Aside from dealing with obstacles, Keiana also faces stress and burnout as an entrepreneur. To avoid this, she allows herself to rest and recharge whenever she needs it. She also exercises regularly to keep her body in top shape so that she can ready for what life has to offer. 

“Prayer, therapy, and meditation also play a vital role in my stress management as well,” she shared. 

Learn more about Keiana Armani through her Instagram account (@iam_keianaarmani) or check out @indigobluestyle on Instagram or through the website.