Oftentimes I get the question on whether it is possible to find your life purpose by doing the Law of Attraction.

In this article I will give you two steps to finding out your heart purpose with the help of reflection and the law of attraction.

It might sound like a redundant exercise, but I promise it will bring you closer to finding your life purpose.

In the end, I will give you a bonus technique to avoid going off track and completely missing finding your life purpose.

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Step 1: Finding out what sparks joy to you

Take a piece of paper (or in my case I prefer using an excel sheet) and write down every single thing that sparks joy.

Try to make the list as long as possible. I would recommend to jot down at least 25 to 30 items on your list.

The key is to write down simple things that bring you joy and do not take up too much time or money (more on that afterwards).

Here are some examples of things that can spark joy:

  • Playing with the family pet
  • Watching sunsets
  • Reading your favorite comics
  • Watching makeup tutorials
  • Making a healthy meal to enjoy
  • Going on a picnic

Once you have finished this list, I would suggest to schedule to do one of those activities every 3 days.

I can already hear you say – “Lexi, I work two jobs! How can I make time for this nonsense?”……Read on…

Who is this voice?

Have you heard this voice before?

It is the voice in your head that tells you things such as:

  • I knew you couldn’t stick to the diet – you might as well order another cheeseburger
  • I never have time! (while you do spend 3 hours a day checking your Instagram feed?)
  • See – your friends never cared about you (when a friend forgets once- but is usually consistent)
  • I am not good enough, why even try?

It is the voice that resides within each and every one of us.

I mention this because this is the voice that will keep you back from finding and living your life purpose. It is the voice that leads you into anxiety and depressive states.

It is essential that you overcome this voice purposefully when trying to the exercise recommended in his step.

When you are doing the things that bring you joy – it might be a small battle to overcome negative thinking patterns that will try to hold you back.

Why the voice wants to hold you back?

The simple answer is “comfort”.

Let me try to explain this to you in simple words.

When it comes to changing, as much as we might claim to want to change – it is often a scary thing.

Thoughts that might pop up include:

  • What will they think of me?
  • I might be ridiculed
  • How will I explain this to my family when they start probing?
  • Why am I doing this anyways? Things were fine before?

The mere reason that you clicked on this article means that you crave a life different from your current reality.

You see, change can be an uncomfortable ride. This is often overlooked and not accepted.

Change will actually trigger your inner fear of failure – and the voice serve this exact purpose.

The “job” of this inner voice is actually to guide you back to your comfort zone, where you feel safe and understood.

The first step in overcoming this voice is to remind yourself of where you want to be – while completely accepting who you currently are.

Remind yourself that those who you might currently idolize went through the same process (often silently).

If you feel alone in this process, I would recommend for you to join our online Glamifestation Community.

But for now – read on….

Step 2: Inner change and focus on joy

This is the tough part. You now accepted that you have an inner voice that want to keep you off track from changing – yet, you will continue to do the things that bring you joy.

This little exercise will shift your mood and bring you into a positive mindset.

You will notice that you will now focus more and more on the good and leave behind the negative.

After a month of the exercise, you take back your list and look at it from the following perspective:

Which activities did you enjoy most?

Let’s say that you enjoyed walking your neighbors dog.

Your purpose could be one of many things:

  • Start a part-time dog walking business
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter part time
  • Organize a non-profit for animals
  • Organize a yearly event to benefit an animal rights foundation

Do you get how it works?

Of course, it is not always as easy as the aforementioned example, but you can get to know yourself and what brings joy to your heart much faster.

Oftentimes I get the question “Lexi, I want to become a millionaire. How do I make it happen?”.

My answer is to reflect whether that truly is what you want?

Yes, of course everyone wants a million dollars, but the reality might be that – at the core of your being you actually want something totally different.

I will conclude the article with the following example:

Let’s say there are two fashion designers:

The first designer sources the best fabrics and makes sure that the clothes are made by the best seamstresses.

She watches each design with care and the focus on perfection.

Her work makes it easy for her to wake up at 4 AM every day and work 20-hour days.

Her life purpose? She might find that her life purpose is to make art she loves fashion and this fills her heart with joy.

The second designer sources fabrics at the lowest possible price point, copies high end brands and has a high turnover of clothes.

He negotiates to make maximum profit at the lowest costs.

At the end of the day he makes a huge profit on the sales of his clothes.

His life purpose? Making money fills his heart with joy. Making money is his life purpose and this is perfectly fine.

Now, life is not always so black and white, but I merely use this example to show you the two people with seemingly the same output can be sparked and find purpose in different ways.

There is no right and wrong way, but it is essential to understand what drives you.

Once you figure this out, the path unveiling your life purpose will come to you at ease.

Was this article useful for you? And do you have a story to share? I am always curious to hear about how others experience this process.