Do you feel low after attending multiple Zoom meetings throughout the day? The good news is that you aren’t alone. Most of us feel drained after we are done with one virtual meeting, just to prepare our notes for the upcoming one. It is natural.

Having said that, the fact that most of us feel low after speaking with our colleagues on the internet doesn’t mean that there is nothing we can do about it. There are ways using which we can overcome the dread that we feel for the next Zoom meeting.

Scroll down to know more about them:

#1: Schedule your meetings with gaps in between

Videoconferencing has made sure that we can organize meetings one after the other. There is virtually no time between the end of the first meeting and the start of the second one. This relentless schedules takes the air out of our mental batteries and leaves us feeling drained.

To avoid that feeling, make sure to schedule gaps between meetings. Use that gap to do something physical, like watching to your washroom to wash your hands with your hand sanitizer dispenser, going to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water, etc.

Provided you do that, your brain would get that breather it needs to compose itself. It will also allow you to make notes of what to say in the next meeting. In other words, it would give you more time to prepare for the upcoming conversation.

#2: Explore other modes of communication

Check your work calendar to find which of the upcoming meetings you can do via the phone or over email instead. Then check with the person whom you’ve scheduled a Zoom call with and make sure they are okay with your suggestion of going back to the ‘old’ modes of communication.

If they are, both of you will get two benefits. First, you’ll spend less time looking on the screen than if you had been conversing on the Zoom. Second, if you’ve scheduled a phone call in place of a Zoom meeting, you can walk as you talk with the person on the other end.

Both these modes of communication will save you lots of as well. You should then exploit this time to do something else, like walking past that hand sanitizing advertising kiosk placed on the corner street just to freshen up your mind.