In the unprecedented times that we’re currently living in, all of us are worried about what the pandemic means for us, our friends, families and communities. The always changing situation hasn’t been kind to our mental health as problems like stress, anxiety and mental health disorders have gone through the roof over the past few months.

That is why it’s crucial that apart from thinking about our loved ones, we take steps which can ensure our own well-being. It might sound selfish to put oneself at first in these times but we’ll be actually helping those around us if we stay fit, healthy and happy.

With this fact in mind, let’s look at these two tips using which you can ensure your well-being:

#1: Get more sleep every night

Due to the stress and uncertainty that surrounds all of us, a large number of people are finding it difficult to stick to their ‘normal’ sleeping patterns. However, as researchers tell us, it’s crucial to get a good night’s sleep during the coronavirus outbreak. Provided you spend the entire night worrying, your mode will be irritated in the morning after.

There are many ways you can get optimum sleep. They include limiting your screen time at night, creating a sleep schedule, engaging in online teletherapy, reading a book before going to bed and trying breathing exercises. You can also enhance your sleep environment by making sure it is conducive to shut-eye.

Committing to daily activities (e.g. exercise) will also support you to go to bed at your regular time. Make sure you’re sticking a daily schedule that allows you to get to bedtime at your normal time and wake up when you usually do.

#2: Practice gratitude on a daily basis

Experts tell us that there are a number of studies out there that draw a direct line between the appreciation of what is valuable to ourselves and our general state of well-being. Put simply, if we value the good things in our life, we’ll be indirectly taking care of our well-being.

There are a lot of ways using which one can practice gratitude. You maintain a gratitude journal, phone a friend and express that you feel lucky to have them in your lives. Anything that will make you positively value the importance of good things around you will do.