Hailing from Portland, Oregon with roots in Oakland, California, MEAGAN is a singer-songwriter who made the brave choice to face her greatest fear and biggest passion, becoming a professional musician. Music has always played an important role in her life but it was always on the back burner until she completely broke down and realized she had given herself away to everyone else and it was time to finally give to herself.

Through her lyrics, she tells her journey towards self-love as well as the fear that she faced when she was going after what she really wanted to do. 

Being Kind To Herself 

While on the journey to self-love and  furthering her career, MEAGAN realized that being kind to herself has allowed her to deal with stress and burnout. 

“There is always more to do and it’s easy to feel like it’s never enough, but whenever I bump up against that feeling I do two things: I remind myself that I am already enough, and I realign to my ‘why’ and my purpose,” the singer-songwriter said. 

From this place, she feels less worried about getting somewhere and more in-tune with the joy of her craft. She isn’t giving herself away, she is giving herself the greatest gift, compassion.

Overcoming Her Fears 

“I could name numerous obstacles or things that “happened to me” that made things challenging, but through them all, the greatest struggle was self-confidence,” MEAGAN said.

She had limiting beliefs that were trying to protect her from change and the possibility of getting hurt. Once she could see those as protection methods and not as the truth, MEAGAN set them aside and take small risks towards fulfilling her dreams. 

Some Words To Live By 

MEAGAN is releasing her fourth single as a solo artist and is riding on the coattails of her last release that has reached over 30,000 streams on Spotify. She further expresses her message through art and design around each musical release, creating a visual world in which each song lives. Her music is inspired by listening to Soul and R&B from her Oakland upbringing, mixed with her heartfelt lyrics and indie-pop sensibilities. The result is a poignant, emotive mix that sparks self-awareness and leaves you feeling uplifted.

To those who hope to follow in her footsteps, she offers this piece of advice:

“It’s work to show up for yourself and trust your inner guide, but the work is worth it! Music, in particular, takes a lot of training and time to become proficient, but small steps every day lead to massive change over time. And if you radiate out the energy you want to feel and receive, it will be mirrored back to you by the world.” 

Learn more about MEAGAN on her website, www.meaganmusic.com, or check out her Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.