Tyler Schmitt

For years, urbanization has posed a grave threat to environmental sustainability as it often leads to higher industrialization and more rapid population growth. Fortunately, there are several strategies that enable highly-urbanized areas to achieve a sustainable way of living. Today, Tyler Schmitt leads a revolutionary movement for sustainability through the power of urban agriculture. 

Tyler Schmitt, also known as Tymetravels on Instagram, is a rising entrepreneur, sustainability advocate, and disc jockey hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He obtained his degrees in entrepreneurship and sustainability from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. While pursuing his studies, he lived by his motto “all for the common good,” which now reflects his present endeavors in the realm of music and agriculture. 

At present, Tyler Schmitt spearheads several entrepreneurial ventures. For starters, he established the Ultimate Farm Collaborative, a sustainable design firm geared toward rebranding and reviving the growing power farm into a thriving community of urban agriculture. On top of this, the firm also caters to youth educational programs and entertainment events. In line with his advocacy for sustainability, the rising entrepreneur also spearheads the Collaborative Farm, a destination in Milwaukee where tourists can freely visit to gain more inspiration and motivation for sustainable living. 

Aside from his environmental interest, Tyler Schmitt is also musically inclined. He is the founder of Collab Official, a record label designed to celebrate aspiring artists and creatives while helping them thrive in the entertainment industry. The label has organized and executed several concerts and festivals, even hosting a one-day music fest with 23 artists from across the country. Essentially, the label serves as a home for artists who wish to use their influence to make positive changes while helping execute projects on sustainability. 

For Tyler Schmitt, Ultimate Farm Collaborative is a milestone designed to help the governmental units in redesigning abandoned or vacant communities into thriving areas of life. Inspired by a similar model often seen in Europe territories, he hopes to bring such a model into the American landscape by partnering with talented architects and designers willing to build new structures with a level of innovation and creativity unlike any other.

The music label owner points out that leading a sustainability revolution means going into unmarked territory. On the frontlines of it all, the only competition he sees are those who wish to remain living under the same circumstances despite the dire need for sustainable change. Fortunately, Tyler Schmitt believes that many, if not all, want a more positive change. 

Indeed, Tyler Schmitt is venturing into uncharted waters in the most unconventional ways possible. Although quite nervous, he is more excited about turning his grand vision into reality. Through the power of music and the art of redesigning urban landscapes, Tyler Schmitt hopes to bring a significant change that may ignite the most compelling environmental and lifestyle changes for this generation and the next.Learn more about Tyler Schmitt and the Ultimate Farm Collaborative by visiting their official website. You may also check out his official Instagram for more updates.