It may seem to you that all promotional codes and discount coupons are the same with the primary intent of offering specific items at a reduced to their customers in order to boost their sales. However, there are different types of discount coupons and promotional codes offered by the manufacturers and the retailers no matter how similar these may look.

The types vary in different aspects such as:

  • According to the promotional intent
  • The type of items it is specified for using on and
  • The type of customers these are meant for.  

When it comes to the type of customers, there are few specific types of discount coupons and promotional codes released by the retailers. These are:

  • Public online coupons: These are the most common type of coupons that are released by the online retailers especially apart from the manufacturers and are targeted to everyone who visits the website. The good thing about these public coupons is that these can be used for an unlimited number of times. Another good thing is that these codes are available readily on many different coupon sites as well that you may come across all over the Internet.
  • Private codes: These are special codes designed and released by different retailers that are targeted to only a definite group of people. These people can be the frequent shoppers from the specific online store or those people who have a very good past shopping history or any other. However, these private coupons cannot be shared, as it is implied by its name.
  • Restricted codes: These are another specific type of discount coupons and promo codes that are more specific and meant for a limited number of people. The codes can be used by the recipient only. These codes are specially designed with specific bar codes that the computer analyzes to recognize the information of the recipient. It will not allow anyone else to use this coupon code if the data of the code does not match with that already fed it.

Therefore, before you get and use a discount coupon or a promo code you must know its type and everything in between.

Making the campaign effective

Assuming that you are into online business and want to boost your sales up using discount coupons you will need to know the answers of a few questions, how to design the best and most productive codes and coupons and all other aspects so that you can make it work best for your business when your customers use the promo codes online.

Ideally, all promotional codes whether it is a discount coupon or Real mattress review’s Coupons are sophisticated. These are the most powerful tool that will help you to boost your brand, sales figure as well as track the marketing ROI more proficiently but for that you will have to ensure that it works just the way you want. For this you will need to first find the answers to these important questions before you launch the next campaign with your promotional codes:

  • What is the best way to make your promotional codes work?
  • How can you create them more proficiently so that it is more effective and result driven?
  • What are promotional codes?
  • What is the difference between promotional codes and discount coupons?
  • What is the relation between promotional codes and ROI and it affects each other?
  • Why you should share promotional codes on different social media?
  • What is the best way to set up a productive promotional codes campaign?

When you find the answers to these questions you will come to know that a promotional code is nothing but just a series of letters and numbers used at random and therefore is also known as an alphanumeric code.

These codes are used by the consumers to redeem deals and special discounts in any specific item online or offline. These codes are very flexible simply because of its specific format. This means that a consumer can use these promo codes on any type of device and any forms and platforms such as:

  • A mobile phone
  • A tablet
  • A desktop
  • Via email
  • As a PDF
  • As barcodes and even
  • As QR codes.

However, these discount coupons and promo codes are not just meant for the customers. If designed properly and released at the right time, the promotional codes may bring a host of advantages to the marketing strategy of your brand. Here are just a few of those benefits and marketing objectives that you can achieve:

  • You can increase your online followers
  • You can raise the brand awareness as well as brand loyalty among your customers
  • You can use it to direct the online users to your Point Of Sale both on and offline
  • Using these promo codes you can motivate the users to engage more with your campaigns and to participate in surveys and make subscriptions
  • You will be able to collect more information about your customers and use them more effectively to qualify sales leads and of course
  • You can measure the ROI and make necessary alterations if required in your future marketing campaigns.

However, the most difficult part is to distribute the promo codes and make it viral to get more attention for your campaigns. For this you will need to know about the best practices to follow to ensure better distribution of your discount coupons and codes online. Some of the best ways to ensure this are:

  • Share your promotional codes online
  • Have a proper plan and segmentation to avoid it from having a bad rap
  • Make sure it does not damage the image of your brand poorly run campaign
  • Use a promotion app so that you can set clear rules and limits for the promotion.

Lastly, make sure that when you target the specific audience you cap the number of participants. Lastly make sure that you close each promotional campaign after a certain period of time. All these steps will make your promotion better, exclusive and hence more effective to provide you with a higher return on your investment.


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