Sometimes focusing on work or other tasks can be difficult. Stress and other factors can be a huge distraction, which makes being productive at work a struggle. If you are someone who has trouble staying calm and focused, music can be a very helpful tool. There are some types of music in particular that are known to be especially helpful while working or studying because they can help you relax and help you concentrate better, making you more productive. Here are some types of music to listen to that can calm you and help you focus.    

Classical or Instrumental Music

There has been a lot of research over the years indicating that listening to classical music is linked to enhanced brain activity, which not only helps you retain information while studying, but also can make you more efficient as you work. Classical music is also helpful because it is relaxing, therefore reducing stress. The lack of lyrics also plays a part, since lyrics can often be distracting. Try listening to composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Handel and Vivaldi, or even simple instrumental music like piano ballads.  

Jazz and Blues Music

The genres of jazz and blues are also relaxing, can help reduce stress and often don’t have lyrics. These attributes make them great for when you are trying to get work done. There are lots of playlists and artists to choose from when it comes to jazz music, so try smooth jazz radio to get you started. You can also listen to artists like Miles Davis or Herbie Hancock to name a few.

Sounds from Nature

Another listening idea for helping you relax and focus is to play some soothing nature sounds. Not only can they help you focus, but they also can boost your mood, making you feel more positive and able to be more productive. The sounds of nature can also help block out other sounds that are distracting. You can try listening to ocean waves, the sounds of rain falling, a flowing river or sounds of a thunderstorm.

Film Scores

If you’re feeling tired, worn out or maybe a bit gloomy, getting any type of work done can feel nearly impossible. Music from cinema is inspiring, uplifting and energizing, which can enhance your mood and help you feel more motivated to work or get other things done. Film scores are a great option for staying focused and productive. Try listening to the soundtracks from the Star Wars movies, Fantasia, The Dark Knight Rises or Avatar. You can also play selections from a list of some of the best film scores.

Music from Video Games

Similarly to film scores, music from video games is inspiring and composed specifically in order to help the player stay focused. The music composed for video games is often fast-paced and is meant to help a player focus on a puzzle or other task they are trying to complete in the game. That being said, it is great for helping you stay focused and keep working on whatever it is that you need to get done. Try selections of music from games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Halo.

Ambient and Meditation Music

Ambient music and music designed for meditation often don’t have a beat or lyrics. Ambient music uses tones or sounds like a fan or air conditioner that act as background noise or white noise and can help calm and focus you. These types of music are often used as a sleep aid, but can be good for focusing on work or study as well because they help block out other distractions.

Stress and outside distractions can make it a big challenge to relax or focus. Next time you need to feel calm, get work done, study for a test or stay focused on something, try listening to some of these types of music to help calm you and help you stay focused.