I was recently talking to a table tennis buddy about being at our best. As we were doing some practice , playing around and clearly not playing in our best form, we talked about what it takes to be at our best, both in our playing table tennis game and in our life. 

We discussed that every day is not Sunday, meaning every day we would not be in our best of energies, best of our mood like a pro , who would take on game of life. Agreed,like in our table tennis game, some times we get some of the best serve’s, where the opponent would not have a clue how to return the same.

Like every game is a fresh start, we must also continuously ask everyday,

In what ways i can show up as the best version of myself?

What does in mean in concrete terms as to how i behave with my coworkers, how i communicate with my spouse and boss at the office and how i connect with others while i move socially?

More Importantly, what kind of internal dialogue i have for the day ? Am i thinking of the burdens of the yesterday or thinking of anxieties of tomorrow.These two would certainly rob the energies i have for the day.

We touched,explored on the things that we need to do to show up each day being at our best. It is more than simply ‘putting on a brave face’ and carrying on as normal, it is more about acknowledging the challenges and trying to show up as the best person we can be on that day.

Starting with the end result in mind, imagining,experiencing the gift of abundance bestowed upon us and expecting every being is going to play their best part, as long as we stay true to our values, inner consciousness.

Executing, exhibiting, exercising the uniqueness,each one of us been blessed with is the key to Productive day & non productive day, reaping favorable results vs non favorable results.

One of the key ideas we decided would make a real difference is starting each day and asking ourselves … what specific habits we are nurturing to feed the body & mind to be the best version of us.. what specific actions we are taking to reach our goals in our prime time of the day (i.e.. times,when we are in flow ) 

We continue to inspire each other to play, best game of table tennis and excel in life too..

So, what are your thoughts on becoming best version of U-2.0 ?? Share it with us