Creating the life that you want doesn’t always look the way You would expect.

Much of what we create comes from a subconscious place. When we find ourselves asking a question like, ‘why did that happen?’ or ‘where did that come from?’; it is because we don’t always see what emerges from our own deep well. It comes from within, so you would think we would see it clearly! Right?

A lot of our life is created subconsciously, it does not come from what we perceive as our conscious self or persona. It is not the intentional part of our thinking that leads the show. The ocean of consciousness is vast, and we experience temporarily form in it. The tip of this iceberg might be too big.

Tapping into the deeper vessel that we are takes time and attention. If we are not attentive, and we don’t pay attention to life’s signs, signals, messages coincidences and synchronicities… it can feel like stumbling through the dark.

Becoming more aware of what comes to the surface from our emotional body and subconscious self is more likely to happen with the help of a mindfulness practice like meditation or Deep Conscious Breathing. A centering and calming practice is crucial. One of the best techniques for achieving this is deep intentional breathing.  

5 minutes of deep intentional breathing can change your mood or your day,,, it can change your mind.

When the mind is calm, we create the opportunity to see thoughts and images bubble up from our own depth. There is precious information coming up from the subconscious well of our being. We enter a state that allows us to perceive the movement of energy within ourselves. This energy can be expressed in images, sounds, feelings and emotions, along with various other forms. Getting the message happens when we are attuned to getting it or in tune with receiving it.

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Marcus Dupuis – Founder of Brain Change Consulting

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    Marcus is the founder of the Elemental Living Group and Brain Change Consulting, dedicated to several modalities for life balance. He is also a Mindfulness Coach and Breathing Coach. Marcus is the translator of the book "The Art of Listening to Life", a book which helps us re-establish our ability to hear our inner voice, which, through signs, signals and messages guide us to balance and coherence. Marcus uses the Breath to quiet the mind. It is the original mantra, it is an easy form of meditation. Take the course at Breath deep my friends!