Our health – physical, mental & emotional is very close to nature. Nature is wise.Yet we humans often forget that we are part of nature, made of the same constituents present in nature. Matter, metabolism & movement are three principles that govern our bodies & minds. According to the wisdom of Ayurveda, this matter corresponds to the Earth element, the metabolism is the Fire element & the movement is the Air element. As unique as we are, these three elements are pretty much what we are made of. Once we know our own body mind type, we are empowered to make choices that support our health & lifestyle choices.

Our bodies are made up of solid & liquid forms of matter just like the Earth. And our body is literally made from the raw materials that we ingest in the form of food or inputs from our environment. The conversion of the food, processing of emotions and digestion of new ideas requires transformation which is supported by the Fire element within us. The movement of thoughts, breath, circulation of blood, movement of food through our digestive tract is all governed by the Air element within us. These three elements create vitality on the physical, mental and emotional planes if they are in balance. When there is an imbalance, then we end up with physical, mental or emotional upsets or dis-ease.

The knowledge of these really help us make nutrition choices that support our healing & strength. It helps us to pick the right kind of exercise for our body & mind. It helps not only for our health but also for all our choices in careers, relationships & the environments we expose ourselves to.

Below are the three basic types. However, we are all combinations of these elements. Typically, we can be Earth- Fire, Fire- Earth, Fire-Air, Air-Fire, Earth- Air or Air-Earth. And a very few can have all three elements in proportion.

Earth Type: You are steady, tolerant, patient & forgiving. Physically you can have a larger frame & body. You tend to be slower in the mornings and if given a chance love to sleep in.You are often a peace maker. You may have a tendency to accumulate things & letting go of things, emotions & people that don’t nourish you. When you get out of balance, you can withdraw, hibernate and tend towards numbing yourself physically & emotionally.

Fire Type: You have a strong appetite for the world with an intense nature. You are passionate about finer things in life. You have a medium physical build when in balance. You are purposeful and driven. You can articulate well. You are a good leader and warm friend. When you get over heated, you can be intimidating and angry. 

Air Type: Your nature is enthusiastic  & you like to engage in conversations. You are creative at heart & a routine may not always appeal to you. You are open to new experiences & you can become restless if you don’t move as much. Physically you can be thin & lanky. When in balance you are dynamic but when out of balance you can feel unsettled or even anxious.

For the simplicity and understanding, I have written about it brieftly. I think having the ability to take these concepts and use them in understanding my body & mind as well those who I interact with has been very insightful. I often use a questionnaire with the clients I coach & consult. When we learn about ourselves through the wisdom of nature, we can play to our strengths. We can make choices that bring balance, heal & empower physical, mental & emotional health.

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