Any area which has energy built up over time needs some form of cleansing. Everything is energy, so whatever happens with us, around us in our spaces accumulates energy. This energy could be in people, our pets, plants or other objects.

Have you ever heard of similar things happening to different occupants of a home, an apartment, an office? That’s because whatever happens in a space collects that particular energy. This energy stays stagnant till moved or cleared. These energies can affect us physically and emotionally. That’s the reason some places lift your energy and some drain you. Some homes or places just lift you and put you in a happy space, a feeling of being awake and alive. While some drain you, making you feel sad and depressed or just a bit out of it.

Believe in clearing the space regularly. When say clearing, which mean clearing clutter, clearing energy and lifting the energies around. I like to energize the area and leave it positive, healthy and vibrant.

People do not realize how their clutter affects them until they start sorting things in and around their space. Only once you start will you realize what areas of your life were being affected by it.

Clutter affects you in so many different ways. It can keep you stuck in the past. Clutter drains your energy and makes you feel tired as it is stagnant energy lying around. This can create a sluggish, congested, constipated energy in your body. This can depress you, confuse your mind and make you ill. Any congestion of energy is affecting us physically too.

Clutter weighs you down.  All you need to do is take the first step and start clearing. You will begin to feel the difference in the energy pretty soon. Just take the first step and clear your bedside or office drawer and see how it changes your energy. Shifting subtle energy can bring powerful and positive changes to your life.

In your home or office if you notice that something has not been moved for a while, just give it a shift. For example, if there is a vase lying around and it has not been shifted or even slightly moved, there is stagnant energy around it. So just turn it around to move the energy. Now that is just a vase. Look at the number of things which have been collecting energy over time.

Energy could be stagnant and collected by objects or old newspapers and magazines. What about cuttings and flyers or coupons? Old wires, chargers, remotes, phones, and batteries? This could go on and on. You get the gist of this right? Even our laptops and phones have old, unused, unnecessary files, folders, etc. which could be cleared.

Here is a rough list of clutter we have all collected over time.

Paper clutter

papers, magazines, newspapers, catalogs,
recipes, press cuttings, offers, calendars, messages,
letters, cards, invitations, photos, old prescriptions,
carrier bags, maps, empty boxes, address books, diaries, business cards

This is probably one of the biggest areas of clutter and the most time- consuming to deal with, but in clearing it, you will probably have sorted at least half of your clutter problem.

Photos clutter

This deserves a special mention because it is not easy to get rid of photos. But just a thought while you are sifting through photos – how many photos do you need of the same person at the same event, in different poses! Or how many selfies?

Books clutter

Books create stuck energy unless they are moved around frequently, and keeping too many old books which are never used surrounds you in old, stuck-in-a-rut energy. I like to use my books for reference, but I do move them around on the shelves.

Clothes clutter
including shoes and accessories
Start with your wardrobe. Put everything onto the bed, leaving a completely free wardrobe. Try everything on. If you have not worn it in within two years if you don’t look good in it if you don’t like it and if it doesn’t fit you any more …………………..why are you keeping it?

Fabric clutter

Bed linen, towels, cloths, dusters, curtains, materials

Pots, bottles, boxes, and packets clutter

In the kitchen, bathroom, on dressing-table top

Bags clutter

Suitcases, travel bags, shopping bags, carrier bags, plastic bags

CDs, cassettes, videos clutter

Hundreds of them!

Electrical equipment clutter can be dangerous if old and worn

Floor, wall and ceiling clutter

Ornaments, pictures, lights, peeling wallpaper and paint, tatty rugs

Cutlery, crockery, pots and pans clutter

Old, worn, broken and far too many of them

Furniture clutter

old, worn, broken, not liked anymore

stationery items clutter

worn and chewed pencils, dried out pens, chewed erasers, torn notepads, spread everywhere

toys and games clutter

broken, unused, worn out, too many of them

unwanted gifts clutter

give thanks and move them on

collections clutter

this can easily become out-of-control clutter.
if you don’t “have a good reason for collecting, dispose of them

keys and documents clutter

do you still know what the keys belong to?

memorabilia clutter

do you really want to remember all of it?

cosmetics clutter

usually a yucky mess by now

exercise equipment clutter

give it to someone who will use it

medical clutter

can be dangerous

celebrations clutter

old cards, invitations, etc.

Miscellaneous clutter in various rooms

entrance hall

coats, shoes, bags, anything else dumped

Sitting room

newspapers and magazines, full ashtrays, full waste bins, empty crisps, and snacks packets, used cups and glasses plants which are sick, wilting, dying, fallen leaves from plants, unattended letters, junk mail


out of date tins, jars, packets, rotting fruit and vegetables, unused or broken gadgets, dirty electrical equipment,
dirty dishes, plastic bags and other wrappings,
full to bursting waste bin, chipped crockery, odd bits of cutlery, cracked glasses, untidy fridge and freezer, laundry lying around, miscellaneous bags, string, pins, pegs, rubber bands, stamps and anything else which gets dumped in case it may come in handy


Empty pill bottles, used tissues, grubby half-used cosmetics, piles of clothes and accessories, unpolished mirrors, unmade beds, wet towels, piles of books and magazines

Children’s bedrooms

chewed pencils, dried out felt pens, torn papers, and books, games with bits missing, outgrown clothes,
untidy beds, broken toys, empty snack packets, empty drinks bottles


Dirty mirrors, empty bottles, used cosmetics, small remains of soap empty toothpaste tubes, worn toothbrushes, dirty towels
out of date medicines, unused samples of anything

other actions which will free the energy flow

writing overdue letters, making necessary phone calls, having that discussion, dealing with that issue, making the appointment, de-cluttering your computer, keeping up to date with everything, generally not putting off till tomorrow what you can do now

other non-home clutter


It is a problem to have clutter at home. It is quite another more serious problem to be carrying it around with you every day and wherever you go!


Again, you are carting clutter around with you wherever you go, so your energy is still not free-flowing. It can also be a distraction for you as it makes demands on your attention.


These have been covered in the relevant sections of the home. You cannot work efficiently if you are surrounded by clutter. Clear office clutter and re-gain your clarity of mind and direction.

OK… So let’s start with this and next week lets discuss how to clear the clutter.