Adam K Veron

If you talk to any health and wellness expert in this Coronavirus time, they will emphasize the importance of frequent hand washing, sanitizing, and social distancing to be safe from the infection. But only some of them are there to rightly point out that this is the simplistic view of wellness and staying well. People recommend organic food, health drinks, and yoga when you ask for health and fitness tips. They don’t realize that these things may not fit into a crisis scenario. Here is a quick insight into this aspect in the situation like a pandemic, so you know what this exactly means.

Adam K Veron: Wellness is more than staying healthy

Wellness is not just about being immune from an illness. It means optimal health in terms of emotional, mental, and physical condition. It also entails having awareness about things that keep you away from any medical or health challenges. The human body can have numerous pathological elements that take time to manifest as an ailment. You have to know how to prevent this. It will not be wrong to say that wellness is also about a joyful life. Any stress can leave you clueless about the status of the things, causing you to worry unnecessarily.

However, you can cut yourself off from many harmful things if you know why something is happening. Health and wellness enthusiasts, like Adam K Veron, believe that it is a kind of lifestyle medicine, and that’s why we think of this as a holistic approach. You delve into the origin of the problem and the causes of the same.

The importance of wellness in the pandemic

In a scenario like this inflicted by a virus, it becomes critical to know your immunity and help it do its duty. When you utter wellness, you imply supporting your body and its mechanisms to let it function at its best capacity under different situations. You have to give it the right tool, though. It is not only about healthcare. You have to supply it with everything it needs to perform optimally in a pandemic.

For this, you first have to find out how your body works and what lifestyle choices can do. The focus has to be on exercise and nutrition. With this, you may have to go for extensive testing to know your cholesterol and inflammation levels. Experts say knowing inflammatory processes is crucial as your body part can be inflamed due to either positive or negative response. It can occur to protect your body or from exposure to anything harmful.

In a pandemic, levels of stress, fear, and anxiety can be abnormally high. But if you are awake about the trigger points and careful about how you lead your life, you can control all these greatly. A few things like reducing consumption of toxic food, reversing inflammation, avoiding weight gain, and taking care of blood vessels can go a long way in this effort.

If you don’t want to compromise with the quality of your life, learn about wellness, and enjoy every moment.