If you’re listening to specific advice about building a career, chances are you’ve already heard phrases like “Just be yourself!”. However, you need to start thinking about taking more unconventional advice if you’re looking to stand out in today’s competitive job market.

 To build up your worth in whatever career you’re looking to make a splash in, consider these ways.

Lowering Confidence

 Someone who has been working for a long time might tell you that you need to tighten your confidence. However, it can be better advice to lower your confidence down a bit.

 The reason why you would lower your confidence is that you want to show what you know. By having too much confidence, an employer might get the idea that you’re pretending a bit about what you truly know. However, lower confidence can show that you’re much more open about what you know, allowing an employer to teach you essential skills on the job. Consider lowing your confidence before you start applying places.

Self Criticizing

 It can be good to be proud of yourself when you have success in your life. Many have found it not helpful, though, when they start trying to forgive themselves for every mistake like nothing significant ever happened.

 By criticizing yourself over mistakes, you’re able to realize what you did wrong and how you can change your behavior for the future. This can help you look better for your employer and to be able to progress more in the future so you can move on to somewhere else. Make sure that you can criticize yourself after making any mistakes.

Following Passions of Others

 Building your passions can be great when you want to live a happy life. It can be better sometimes to start following the desires of others, though.

 When you look at successful people, you should see what passions got them to where they are today. These passions can be emulated often by yourself to help get the lead you need in your career. Strongly consider following the passions of others if you are desperate to build a successful career for yourself.