There are way far too many options in far too many places to be unhappy at work. Quality of life is ever more important. Working smarter. Are you happy at work? Is your passion coming through in some way? Is there a passioned skillset being exercised? Is the environment more inspiring than it is toxic? Do you work and communicate well with people on your team? What do you get out of the work you do? What do you enjoy working on most? Are you living your authentic reality of what you actually want? Think this out a bit. Go deeply into your root skills, and what you are desiring in your root desires. 

The idea of work is an opportunity to exercise the skillsets of your passions and interests; an offering of your time, energy, ideas, and uniquely honed abilities in exchange for a path and a payment, and often benefits. You can work for yourself, you can work in a collective with others, or you can work for others. Working for yourself to manifest your own vision requires momentum, endurance, discipline and open mindedness. In working for others, you will want to make sure that you are communicating well, and investing yourself into an organization that feels good to you. A company where you can take pride in your work, enjoy who you are working with, align with company practices, and work in a higher quality culture. 

What does your ideal outlet of work look like to you? Are you seeking an employer? Do you want to work as part of a team towards a common vision? Are you intrigued by the idea of consulting and freelance work? Are you building or thinking about creating your own business?

If you are interested in working for others, is there a specific company that you feel called to work for? Check out the available jobs through their website. Even if they are not hiring the position of your forte, you can always draft a nice email introducing yourself, that confidently packages and sells your skillset or ideas on how you can help bring benefit to who you want to work for. 

Reach out to a few companies if rejection tends to trip you up, it will lessen impact. It should not be intimidating, it should be inspiring. You do not have to commit to anything, you are simply reaching out to test the expansiveness of your world. This is about feeling things out to bring yourself to happier, more satisfying places. You do yourself and your employer a favor by being real about your working desires. Employers know the value of inspired employees versus uninspired. If you are flirting with the idea in general, throw keywords of your skillset or passions into LinkedIn or Indeed and see what pops up. To really spice things up, try locations that you have always thought about living in. 

Where salary is concerned, wherever you are confident in your abilities, be encouraged to come in on the higher end to set your worth. Commit to the job when you feel strong about what you can offer, and negotiation will come easier. It helps when you tell people exactly what you want as cool, calm and collected as possible. 

Use the power of community to network. Talk to others about the work you want to do. Ask questions, gain insight, scope out the full field, and work connections. 

Because why not have it be as ideal as possible? Believe it so.

Additional Insight

-Is your current work exchange about more than money?

-What are your strongest skills? In its most generalized form, what do you feel most confident about offering the world?

-Do you have a bigger picture work story? Where are you advancing to be? What more do you want to learn in your work? Keep these visions closer in mind, because you can usually see ways to advance there faster.

-What are your biggest resistances or doubts about moving towards work or environments that feel greater to you? Can you find roots in any specific patterns, fears or insecurities?


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