Sometimes you don’t need a reason to give someone a gift other than the fact that you’re thinking about them especially in trying times. The crystal healing experts at Energy Muse rounded up the top trending spiritual gifts of 2020 for those who need a little spiritual uplifting, healing and a lot of self care: 

Crystals for Self-care at Home or On the Go

For those people in your life that need a little rest and relaxation, give them the joy of crystal energy with a rose quartz face roller, which can be used to apply face serum, toner, and other cosmetics. The roller helps to soothe and ease any tension in the face by increasing circulation and infusing the skin with the healing properties of rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love. 

Along with the rose quartz face roller, make it a travel gift set by including a cleansing crystal body scrub to your gift bag. Infused with the ultra calming properties of labradorite, this gentle exfoliating scrub also has additional aromatherapy benefits with the heavenly scents of Indian basil and rosewood, a magical combination that uplifts the soul.

Gemstone Bracelet 

Wearing a crystal bracelet is an easy way to have constant access to the unique healing properties of gemstones. Beautifully handcrafted and supercharged with positive vibes, crystal bracelets make stylish and elegant accessories for all the sensitive souls on your holiday gift-giving list. 

Show your loved ones that you care about their well-being with a gemstone bracelet designed with a special combination of crystals that support specific intentions and goals. From health and wellness to wealth and success, you can easily find the perfect crystal bracelets for enhancing the unique qualities and gifts of someone special in your life. 

Crystal Pendant Necklace 

A lovingly handcrafted crystal necklace is another way to harness the powerful healing properties and meaning of gemstones. Look for necklaces made with crystal pendants, which place the energy of the gemstone directly over the heart chakra. A popular crystal pendant is rose quartz, which attracts loving vibes by opening the heart. 

Another heart chakra stone is blue apatite, the perfect choice for those who love the soothing and relaxing vibes of the color blue. Its gentle and calming energy also clarifies the mind to deepen spiritual awareness and creativity. To facilitate loving communication, a blue apatite pendant necklace should be worn around the neck over the throat chakra. 

For the free-spirited and carefree person on your list, a moonstone pendant necklace will support their curious and adventurous nature. For those that love the color purple, an amethyst pendant necklace makes a striking accessory straight from Earth’s jewelry box. Its energy also supports heightened intuition, wisdom, and spirituality. 

Crystal Keychain

A naturally beautiful and super practical stocking stuffer, a crystal keychain makes a versatile gift for anybody on your shopping list. Choose from a variety of gemstones with unique properties such as shungite, a black protection stone that helps block EMFs from cell phones and other electronics. For an elegant and natural accessory with a bold pop of color, crystal keychains are also available in other gemstone varieties such as amethyst and blue apatite.

Shungite Discs for EMF Protection  

Another useful stocking stuffer that everybody can use is polished shungite rectangles, which can be placed on electronics such as smartphones and laptops. Studies have shown that placing shungite on electronics significantly reduces the amount of electromagnetic radiation being absorbed by the body. Shungite works by neutralizing and absorbing the harmful effects of EMFs, which can disrupt energetic balance and health. These low-profile shungite pieces come with an adhesive backing, making it easy to place directly onto a cell phone, laptop or other electronics in the home.

Energy Clearing Kit 

Inspired by hundreds and hundreds of years of Native American traditions, the Energy Clearing Kit from Energy Muse includes everything you need for cleansing and purifying your space. The singing bowl with a striker will send cleansing vibrations into the environment with its soothing, angelic sounds. The set also comes with selenite and black tourmaline points, the most powerful purifying crystals in the mineral kingdom. Making the kit complete, the recipient will also receive additional cleansing tools used by many ancient cultures: a sage stick, three Palo Santo incense cones, and a traditional gold soapstone bowl to catch the embers. 

Amethyst Eye Pillow

Give the gift of a deep and restful sleep with the amethyst eye pillow, a luxurious stocking stuffer designed with lavender, flaxseed, and tiny amethyst crystals for relaxation and stress relief. Amethyst helps encourage a peaceful night’s rest by cleansing the third eye chakra from any worries. It also blocks out any blue light being emitted from tech devices or other types of light pollution, which can disrupt the natural circadian rhythms that regulate the sleep cycle. The added lavender essential oil has a soothing and calming effect that also facilitates a good night’s sleep. 

Mala Necklace 

For loved ones that want to deepen their yoga or meditation, a mala necklace makes a thoughtful gift that will be cherished for many years. Specially designed with 108 beads, the mala necklace supports the Buddhist practice of repeating a mantra for every bead. Made with aventurine, rose quartz, or malachite, crystal mala beads are used to keep count when saying affirmations. Supercharging its energy even more, each bead can also be programmed with an intention, lending its unique healing properties for encouragement and support during a meditation session. 

Rest & Relaxation Gifts 

These beautiful and luxurious gifts can be gifted on their own as stocking stuffers or as a complete self-care gift set. Infused with amethyst and celestite healing properties and scented with lavender essential oils, the Relaxation Crystal Candle burns away stress and tension, leaving you feeling completely calm and relaxed. It can be placed on a nightstand, coffee table, or in the bath for instant energy cleansing and stress relief. 

Another option for those who love gemstones is the Crystal Candle Holder made from the powerful calming properties of lepidolite. The crystal candle holder is also available in sodalite, which has protective and grounding effects that block harmful EMFs from everyday electronics. 

A versatile self-care product, the Calming Crystal Body Oil from Energy Muse can be used for any type of massage–from reflexology and deep tissue to an old-fashioned back rub. This unique product is made with amethyst and lepidolite stones, which are known for their peaceful and calming properties. Adding another level of relaxation is the combination of lavender and vanilla essential oils, which gives it a sweet and soothing scent.  

Sage Cleansing Kit

The beginner gemstone collectors on your shopping list will surely appreciate the Sage Cleansing Kit, which includes everything they need to drive out negative energy and purify their space. It comes in a beautiful Abalone shell, which can be used as decorative storage for energy tools and also catching the embers. The kit includes a feather for wafting the smoke and one sage stick.

Give your loved ones the gift of healing, abundance, and transformation with energy-enhancing gifts that totally rock!