It is not necessary to make drastic, sweeping declarations to improve your health. You can make small changes and see wonderful results too. You might start with something as easy as drinking more tea and work your way up to eliminating escalators and elevators in your life when reasonable.


A massage is known to improve your health in a number of ways. It is linked to the reduction of stress, headaches, insomnia and more, all of which can affect your health in the short term and the long term. A massage has the power to improve your mood and injuries, as well as to reduce your anxiety and depression. It is possible your employer or insurance might cover a few massages a year, so be sure to check.

A Daily Salad

A super simple and delicious way to improve your health is to eat a salad every day. You do not have to make it the primary meal, although that would be best, just make sure that you have at least a side salad with one meal each day. And be sure to skip the heavy salad dressing and other high fat and high-calorie items, such as bacon and cheese, to make it as beneficial as possible.


Medical professionals and employers alike are beginning to support the benefits of meditation throughout the day. Mindfulness is quickly being seen as important as exercising and eating right. You cannot be a productive member of society and contribute positively to your personal life if your mental state is constantly a mess. Take the time to meditate each day to reduce anxiety and depression, improve memory, fight bad habits and reduce stress.

Check Your B12

Low levels of B12 are becoming an issue across the world as more and more people choose to eat less meat. While eating less meat is great for your health, if you have low levels of B12, you could begin to experience problems, such as low energy, extreme fatigue, mood swings and an inability to focus. When B12 is in alignment, you will experience better moods, improved memory, more energy, a better operating nervous system and much more.

Drink Tea

Herbal tea has been linked to a number of health benefits, such as diabetes and cancer prevention, lower cholesterol, weight loss, prevention of tooth decay, stress elimination and much more. Try to start by switching one cup of coffee or a sugary drink with one cup of tea each day. You are likely to begin to experience health benefits in a short period of time. Eventually, you might be able to switch to herbal tea full time.

Take the Stairs

Most people will take an elevator or escalator without even thinking about taking the stairs. In reality, those who take the stairs to go just a few floors higher each day will reap the benefits. You will burn more calories and improve the health of your heart to help prevent heart disease and strokes. And you do not have to be crammed in or stuck in uncomfortable situations with strangers. If you volunteer abroad, you will hardly ever see any elevators.

Make Dairy a Treat

Today, many scientific experts and medical professionals compare dairy consumption to drug addiction. They state that the consumption of cheese releases dopamine in the brain that makes people feel happy. This, in turn, makes people want more and more and more, much like that of being addicted to drugs. And, according to Forbes, cheese contains caseins which are comparable to the effects of morphine and opiates. Cheese addiction is quite dangerous to the health of everyone given that its contents are high in fat, salt and calories. Basically, if you are going to consume cheese, do so in moderation or on special occasions for the sake of your health.

You can improve your health in unique ways to see results. To do so, focus on your mindfulness to reduce stress and improve sleep, eat more salads and less cheese and drink more tea and take the stairs to travel a few floors. All of these minor steps will greatly improve your health each day.