Not just for Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is the celebration of love and romance. It supposedly started in the year 496 when it moved from being an ancient pagan fertility ritual into a celebration of a Christian saint. 
 In 2019 millions of cards will be exchanged and gifts of flowers or chocolate will be given as tokens of love.
The romance and gestures of love mostly sadly forgotten the following day.

How can we keep that feeling of love and romance going and growing throughout the year?

1. Know your values and live them. If you believe in kindness and respect, treat yourself and each other that way. Build up and maintain your emotional bank account with each other

2. Don’t assume — Check things out. No matter how long you’ve been together, we never really know what the other person is thinking… half the time we don’t know what we’re thinking!

3. Create rituals between you. Daily rituals may include a checking in, or a birthday ritual for just the two of you. A special “love you” signal that only you each know when at a party or with others.

4. Be the place of safety. True intimacy exists when each partner feels safe with the other when at their most vulnerable. Be that soft place to fall for your partner. Be in each other’s corner of the world.

5. Touch with tenderness. The largest organ of our body is our skin. When we are touch with tenderness, magic happens. We feel loved and connected. An arm around the waist, a shoulder touch, holding hands, a kiss on the forehead, a gentle rub across the back all say I care for and about you

The tips will help keep your relationship flourishing and juicy. Like anything that is alive, a relationship needs nurturing and attention. Follow these tips and you’ll notice the difference in everyone you interact with.

Let me know how it works for you! ~~ ’til soon. Georgina

Georgina Cannon is the author of The Third Circle Protocol — How to relate to yourself and others in a healthy vibrant evolving way. Always and All-ways


  • Georgina Cannon

    Author, regression and relationship coach and hypnotist with more than 20 years working with clients. Lecturer at the University of Toronto

    Georgina Cannon MscD is an author and award-winning board certified clinical hypnotist,NLP and CBT trainer and clinician and lecturer at the School for Continuing Studies University of Toronto. She has her doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling and is recognized as the “public face” of hypnosis in Canada and a respected member of the mainstream health community. Georgina is a frequent media guest, and her work and views have gained her prominence as a frequent source for news and feature articles on hypnosis and alternative therapies; including a CBC series on Past Life Regression. She has participated in Grand Rounds at Toronto hospitals, where she lectured to psychiatrists, physicians, nurses and social workers in the healing powers of hypnosis and regression therapies. Her third book, Return Again published by Red Wheel Weiser is focused on the power of past and inter-life journeys. Her latest book, The Third Circle Protocol published by Findhorn Press, Britain is about the power of relationships, past, present and future and how to make them pleasurable and life affirming for everyone.