Sitting here in the dark wondering why? Wondering how in the hell did you get here? Not one ounce of you wants to express your feelings. Not one ounce of you thinks anyone cares. All your going to hear is why aren’t you over this yet. You already know how this is.

The cliches don’t help so let me be quiet. Inside your torn up. Missing your loved one, your ex spouse even after the hurt, missing that career that made you so happy, or missing yourself because you have lost yourself while in a relationship. Whatever your loss is you are thinking do I really have to let go?

Sometimes we focus on the ‘letting go’ instead of the ways to unleash. Picture this as you are sitting in the dark upset or just staring imagine if you had a talk with yourself. Asking yourself how can I release this feeling.

One way you can release is therapy or a local support group. Those are great ways to release but let’s be real not everyone is seeking to do that right now. I want to give you 5 untraditional ways to release your grief.

1.Take a nature walk and talk.

You’ve heard this before. Go take a walk. Let’s add to that. Take a walk and talk. Yes to yourself and to the atmosphere. We feel like no one will listen or we feel like we do not have anyone to talk to you. This is where you release through your words into the atmosphere.

2. Take up boxing.

Here we are just in awe. We feel angered in our body and soul. You know that it is not well with you about your loss and sometimes we take our lose out on the closest ones to us. Which they have already been our punching bags times 10. Boxing is a good positive way to let out your aggression and learn more about the sport.

3. Volunteering for a cause you believe in.

One of the best things many of us have done is volunteer. Imagine during your journey you go and volunteer for a cause that you believe in. Helping someone else and the cause makes you smile and you will meet new people. The joy you feel as your traveling back home.

4. Art-sip and paint or paint at home.

For those of you reading this and thinking I am not Picasso lol join the club. When we use our hands and incorporate drawing it is a form of releasing. As we know this day and age we are not so fond of the same ol same ol stuff. As your sitting in silence grab a piece of paper and draw. Listen to yourself more than ever.

5. Go dancing-Turn some music on and dance or join a local hip hop exercise class.

Music is good for the soul. Why not dance to the music? It is time to dance and I know while your in silence that is the last thing you want to do. Seriously one of the best connections you can have is with music. Check out your local city for hip hop dancing, Line dancing, or even ballet. Whatever your heart desires. As of now when your sitting in silence turn your music up and dance.

Andrea A. Moore is the visionary and founder of From Grief to Grind as an Intuitive Grief Coach Andrea holds a safe space for transformation for women who have experienced a loss and trying to make sense of their new life. Andrea is an author, Motivational Speaker, and Anthology Builder.

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  • Andrea A. Moore

    Certified Bereavement Facilitator, Grief Advocate, Intuitive Grief Coach, Speaker, and Author

    From Grief to Grind

    Andrea, a international author who faced grief head in June of 2010.  During that time she also had a childcare business which she lost shortly after she met grief face to face.  Loss after Loss Andrea felt numb.  In 2010 she lost her only sister to Breast Cancer.  In the midst of this Andrea started to wear many hats.  From a Business Consultant to volunteering to joining a social club.  Which she has been collaborating for 15 years and have watched the women flourish.  As we know at some point in our life we will met grief face to face. Andrea has had her share of rejection, mindset blocks, creative blocks, marriage on the rocks, relationships with family members etc due to losing a loved one.