We all have the potential to become successful, even though some of us might not see it. All it takes is the right person to help us see and unlock what we’re capable of.

Business coach Em Haas has made it her mission to do just that: showing fellow women what’s possible, and how much they can achieve. Read on to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey!

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

My mom and dad were both entrepreneurs who had their own businesses. They advocated getting a college education and having a steady job with benefits, but also supported my creative interests.

I went to fashion school and studied design. I worked my way to a great position at Nike, but I knew that this career path wasn’t for me. I enjoyed putting my own spin on things, and being a rebel. I liked to do my own thing, so I always knew that entrepreneurship would be the route for me.

How are you making a positive difference in the world?

I’m showing women what’s possible for them. I really believe in women breaking the mold of what is expected of them, and that’s how I aligned my business. I also enjoy helping women find their financial freedom.

What has been the greatest positive impact you have seen your clients or customers face from working directly with you?

I’ve seen women totally change their lives and their selves; I watched them learn to believe in their capabilities. I’ve seen them show up in their lives more, and improve their relationships.

One of my clients had been in an abusive relationship, and she was sleeping in the office of her ex’s house because she had nowhere else to go. This was a low point for her, and she only had her coaching business to rely on. We worked on her business and her confidence, and in just the first six weeks of working together she was able to bring in $17,000.

What does being a purpose driven business mean to you?

Watching your clients transform, and seeing tangible and physical results of all of your work together is so rewarding. It’s like watching them become the people that they want to be. You need to be in alignment with your clients and every action and decision that you make. You are moving toward a meaningful mission.

How did you pivot your business during the pandemic? 

My first month in lockdown was actually my biggest income month in my business. I took this really uncertain time and realized that I need to step into certainty for my community. People want to be led during a time of fear and not really knowing what’s next.

What played into having such a successful month was how I showed up; my confidence, direction, and results while trying to remain grounded. People paid attention to my energy. I began to show up more knowing that my audience needed me.

What are your top 5 tips to scale a business or use social media to attract new clients?

  1. Become a market research nerd. Even if you are a brand new coach, I always say that there are probably a handful of people in your life, even if they’re acquaintances, whom you can help with your area of expertise. You can even use your personal network as a source for interviews, and you can keep it simple by having something like five-minute phone calls, asking them about their biggest challenges. You can use this information to consider your approach for your own business.
  2. Use long-tail hashtags. You’ll get new eyeballs on your stuff.
  3. Look at the top influencers in your area of expertise. Look at their posts and see what posts are doing well, see what topics are really trending with them, and see who’s commenting “bookmarking this for later”, “saving this”, or, “thank you so much for posting this”, because those are the people that need help, and could be potential clients.
  4. Engage with your potential customers. Visit the profile of these top influencers, and start engaging with their posts. Comment on their stuff, comment on their Instagram story, and they’ll follow you back. It’s all about building genuine, authentic connections.
  5. Gather useful insights from these interactions. UEven if they don’t lead to actual sales, these interactions with potential clients can still lead to insights that could help inform your own initiatives.

Where can people learn more?

You can follow me on Instagram @EmmHaas; I also have a free Facebook community called Corporate to Coach Squad.