Do you feel like something is holding you back? Like you are stuck in your life, career or relationships? Have you ever wondered how you’ll ever reach those big goals and dreams? That used to be me too. I was always looking outside of me for success. On my journey to where I am now, I learned an important lesson that could be the difference to you unlocking your success mindset too. It took me a while but I finally figured it out. ME. I was getting in my own way. I spent so much time looking outside, I had forgotten to look inside. Once you do that deep inner work, everything changes. 

You’ve probably heard the quote, knowledge is power. This used to be one of my favourite quotes. But knowledge is only power if you take action on it, and this is where most people struggle. Because IF we take action is not determined by the knowledge we have. It is determined by our mindset: our thoughts, our beliefs, our fears, our doubts. HOW we take action is also determined by our mindset.

When our goals (our conscious desires) are in conflict with our inner beliefs (our subconscious programming) we hit resistance. Our conscious desires are conflicting with our subconscious beliefs and unfortunately the subconscious is much more powerful. This conflict is what stops us achieving the success we really want and deserve in life.

So from now on, remember this: knowledge is only power if you take action on it.

‘If’ or ‘how’ you take action is based on your MINDSET. It has been claimed that success is actually 80% mindset and 20% strategy and I would hugely agree. People don’t realise the importance of mindset work and this is why they end up stuck and feeling disappointed with life. 

I developed this formula I discovered from my own journey to success and the one I use with my clients too:

The Success Mindset Formula™

There are 3 parts to this formula:

SELF BELIEF (“I can do this”)

SELF WORTH (“I am worthy”)

SELF LOVE (“I am enough”)

This formula applies to ANYTHING in life. Personal relationships. Career or business success. Financial issues. Health. Relationship with food. Anything.

Next level success is unlocked when you have all of these 3 beliefs combined rewired at the subconscious level. Standard mindset tools are great for moving people forward but the journey is slow, it just doesn’t get deep enough. That deeper level work is where Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) comes in and in over 13 years of working in therapeutic roles, I have never witnessed or experienced anything as powerful as combining my other skills with this therapy. When I added RTT into the mix my personal and professional growth skyrocketed. RTT helped me access the subconscious mind, finding beliefs and memories impacting on me, my relationships and my business that I would never have consciously discovered. Furthermore, it helped me to use all the strategies and tools I had learned along the way from a new more powerful place of true self love, self worth, and self belief.

Love Natasha x


  • Natasha Bray

    Psychology Expert & Rapid Transformation Coach for Women

    Natasha is the founder of Guilt Free Health, a Psychology Expert & Award Winning Rapid Transformation Coach with over 13 years experience in helping people transform their lives. Natasha is passionate about empowering women to experience true self-love, self-worth and self-belief so they can flourish and achieve success in all areas of their lives and businesses. Natasha’s unique approach involves a blend of childhood healing, subconscious mind rewiring and coaching to help clients unlock their success mindset and free them from limiting beliefs, money blocks, visibility fears and self sabotage. For her health transformation services head to or for business success transformation head to