unplug and recharge

Work and play are how we structure our lives. If you get one wrong, your energy levels and mental health suffer.

Too much work brings us pain. And too much play makes us feel negligible and worthless.

So you’ve got to learn how to balance both, and today we’ll help you with that.

We’ll show you 4 activities to help you unplug and recharge for a new week. Try them all, and settle on what works best!

#1 – Go On a Hike.

You likely work near technology. And too much of it makes you sick.

For that reason, we recommend hiking. It’s a way to get in a good workout, while reconnecting to nature!

And you don’t need much equipment. You simply need a backpack, emergency amenities, and a little water.

From there, you can enjoy sightseeing that’ll calm your mind and soul!

What if I Have No Place to Hike?

Then try a picnic.

There should be a nice park near your location. Pack lunch, and go out with friends/family for a happy time.

Picnics bring an amiable atmosphere to a gathering. It’s a chance to make up lost time with loved ones which you’ll often miss!

Plus, it’s good for socialization. Picnics are a good way to start lengthy conversations in a relaxing atmosphere!

But, if you need another method of socialization, you can…

#2 – Throw a Party.

Parties are an excellent way to unplug.

It’s a chance to let out those pent up emotions you’ve kept in check. You can let your instincts loose to music and good company.

All you need are a few drinks, the necessary light/sound systems – and a good choice of music!

And the best part is, you can host them at home. You don’t need a location that’s large and fancy.

You can keep it as large or small as you wish. But as a rule, throwing it yourself is best, since you can keep it under control!

What if I Need Another Form of Release?

In that case, you can try…

#3 – Intense Athleticism.

Maybe parties aren’t for you. Maybe you’re a social person that prefers a healthy way to unplug from work.

If so, try an intense workout.

Now normally, workouts should be done every 1-2 days. But when trying to unplug, you want to fully exhaust your body.

You want a big challenge (like a marathon, a long swim, or some type of sports match). From there, work yourself to exhaustion!


Beyond getting to unplug, you get a chance to rest your body too!

After working out intensely, you’ll feel physically tired. You’ll feel the intense urge to sleep, which is what you need!

You’re in need of those long hours of sleep to recharge. And this applies especially if you have sleep to catch up on!

#4 – Try a Spa Retreat.

If you have the finances, then why not?

You can get a massage, enjoy a Jacuzzi dip, and relax your muscles!

This is the perfect getaway for those working desk jobs. It’s a chance to alleviate any muscular tension, especially in posture.

Plus, it helps you avoid any chronic pain issues that may develop from long work hours!

Small Tip: Try a Home Retreat.

If you have a loved one that can massage your back, then why not ask for their help?

You can save money while developing a good bond. And you’ll get to relax at home while enjoying the massage too!

As for other amenities, enjoying frequent warm baths is also a good idea.

A warm bath gives you a chance to detox privately, at your own leisure, all while getting a Jacuzzi’s benefits!