A Quick Technique to Help High Achievers Tell the Difference.

It’s my favorite time of year. Personally I feel magic in the air all year round. That’s how I roll. So it’s really nice to be in the holiday season when more people are open to receiving that spirit all around us. Love it!
There is such excitement too. Anticipation of what the new year will bring and letting go of the past. If you have ben in my inner circle of clients then you know that for years we honor this time and go deep. We set intentions for what we want to manifest for the new year. We do energy clearing to let go of any ties that may be holding us back. We choose the feelings we want to experience more of in the coming months. We embody them now and release the rest. Fresh, clear and excited for what we are calling in. Preparing to do my annual Dream Walk with my soul family, I reflect on each area of life. As I began my own manifestation journey for this year, I noticed an intense pull to have more focus in the area of my business. Now if you are a leader I am sure you can relate. So I spent some time contemplating this and allowed my intuition to guide me. The question I asked was: What can do differently to support me BEING focused in 2019? What can I do more of? What can I do less of? Here is what started to emerge. A deeper distinction between the activities I choose to engage in to relax versus the things I choose to do that distract me. In 2018 my big theme was relaxation. So much healing and transformation arose from inviting this in. Here is one thing I want to share. This journey allowed me to take an inventory. If I want to be more focused, understanding that relaxing is a key component to igniting my creative flow, then what activities activate it and what numb me?
If you too are interested in creating more focused flow in the area of your business in 2019 then I invite you to do an audit of your chill time.
Ask yourself the following questions:
What “unplug” activities support my creativity, focus and leadership?
What activities suck me into distraction? Make me feel either tired or numb?

It’s a really powerful distinction. One booming message that came through for me immediately: get rid of my TV. Agh!!! I of course feel resistance to that so I am exploring the possibilities. I will do an audit of my time spent watching TV. I will look honestly at when it is serving me to unplug so that I can refocus with even more creativity. I will give myself the opportunity to tap into the body sensations I have with the programs/movies I watch. I will notice and measure my blocks of creative focus. I am really excited to see what comes up and I will adjust accordingly.

Some things I will absolutely do more of: Playing games with my daughter. Painting, drawing, reading Greek mythology, astrology, champs and soul stirring conversation with friends, window shopping and walking, baking, magazines & Pinterest time, family meals full of laughter, museums, and weekend travel to new places.

I invite you to explore how you spend your down time and genuinely feel into those activities that deeply nourish your soul so that you can dial in full of focus and fire for your work.