Everyone has heard the saying, “there’s strength in numbers.” Most of us  probably agree that this adage has a wealth of truth to it. These words definitely seem to ring true for four intelligent, informed, and outspoken black women who are making waves with their new YouTube sensation, Unscripted Her.

With a long list of accomplishments and top-level business and law careers, all four of these women come to this project with stellar credentials. When Ellen Rice Chever first had the idea for Unscripted Her, it seemed natural to include family members to help bring her vision to life. And boy, was she right. The chemistry and overall connection these women have is astounding. 

Since their debut, many people have referred to them as Four Fearless Females or One Family, Four Voices. However, Chever and her co-hosts just want to be known for putting some timely vital issues out for pondering, understanding, and discussion. And they do just that. 

Recent episodes address the hot topic of inclusion and diversity in business and the pay inequity that shrouds women and minorities. The show hosts did not blanket the discussion with base complaints and harsh criticisms. Instead, this fiery group focused on solutions, not problems. As they put it, “we don’t want to be known as a group of complainers who don’t offer solutions. We are solution-oriented. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the group who ignores problems. .” 

And this self-professed role is evident because this particular episode was filled with solutions for how minority businesses can ‘up’ their game. Pointing out  that there are currently no female Fortune 500 CEOs of color, they made the challenge for organizations to invest in black-owned companies by adopting a movement created by Aura James called the 15% Solution. The initiative calls for retailers to commit to having 15% of their inventory be from black-owned businesses. Since its beginnings, the 15% Solution has snagged such companies as Sephoria, Bandau, and a host of others.

Another solution discussed was taking the 15% Solution one step further. Why stop at shelving products? The Outspoken  Four suggest getting out there and finding organizations to invest in and team up with your minority business. This achievement means some hard, nose to the grindstone ingenuity and creativity to make your brand known. Business owners are encouraged to get a sales pitch, and learn how to effectively promote your business to others, so they want a piece of what you’ve got. 

The women liken this process to the Shark Tank concept. They suggest working up an entire presentation because your brand is worth that attention. You’ve got to believe in it, and then you can sell it to others. And the family of four spokeswomen were quick to add that they would help anyone get their ideas and presentation together. They know this is big stuff, and you don’t have to do it alone. When you need help, get it, and then continue to reach for the prize.

This group has another popular show strategy —  interviewing powerful black females in a series they call Game Changers. Of course, the concept behind Game Changers is to hear the voices of women who have stood up, spoken up, and pressed on. These are women who embody incredible talent and knowledge that just can’t be ignored. They are successful females, that are black or brown and come from underrepresented communities. They include elected officials, award-winning media personalities and journalists, women executives, and women who are the “first” in what they do. They know the glass ceiling is real but refuse to be contained by it. These are women who have changed their societies. These are Game Changers.

One particular interview was with Mayor Tracie Clemons, of Norway, South Carolina, a former nuclear scientist and successful bodybuilder. In the episode, Clemons discusses her assent to the top in everything she attempts. Women like Clemons and the struggles they have endured to get where they are make up the heart of the Game Changers series. The purpose is certainly not to make success on their level look easy, but to make it known to be possible.

The Unscripted Her series is a professional quality, thought-provoking group of discussions that puts our society’s hottest topics out there for everyone to hear. With a lively, upbeat tone and genuine chemistry among hosts, Unscripted Her is proving that empowering a multi-generation of voices just might be a positive step toward tackling weighty societal issues.