It’s not a challenge to describe what my soul-searching has brought to the surface. I’ve always been a protagonist. Today that solidifies my championing as an analyst by profession and a wellness advocate for my community.

My purpose is simple but I like complexity. I want everyone to be happy.

I believe we all have a profound purpose in this world and it’s closely linked to our connections- genes, personalities, our experiences. Example, your most terrifying leaps or a college prep exam or drivers test that scars your pants off. These related paths in life bring about moments of light in your torch. It brightens with each enlightened moment. Determining your success; the questions you ask; the answers you provide; experiences, dreams, desires, support and family relations.

Achievements, goals, heritage, meticulous transformations of the self, through the self from the mind or both body and mind. Pay close attention to the serendipitous moments. Not only the moments that take your breath away but the scary ones too; that pierce your heart. Why? The reactions are a testament to a lesson that is more valuable to you in the future: ‘you just will not understand in that moment in time.’ Hence, the best gift you can give yourself is paying attention to the self.

I’m not successful. I am succeeding. 

Take one day at a time with gratitude. To become better each day I take one of my most gifted traits seriously I am introspective. At times this trait has made individuals around me question the purpose of such detail; or desire for such focus; it was never for them to understand it is for me to transcend its my quest and I appreciate my traits. 

Be very selective how your energy is dispersed and who around you is in for a ride or tackling their own demons; be supportive, be selective with your partners – its sacred intimacy is forever with you; know your besties, your cheerleaders; and know the ones waiting for your failing step. Love both your negative and positive traits its the balance that will award you will strength unconquerable, its your unique quality.

I’m becoming a better human that means I’m not done, I’m still learning…

Eclectic evolutionary creationists – miracles are all around us, wellbeing is our 21st century challenge as we maintain wellbeing we connect to the source our purpose, the master plan. Then we flow…

A Journey in this Life


  • Shenase Karrim

    Management Consultant & The Wellness Analyst

    Shenase is a South-African American, a life-long learner who believes in education, empowerment training, neuroscience and yoga, with an emphasis on well-being into the human value footprint, which she teaches in her ISHTA Yoga classes and MAAP Life workshops. An experienced professional in project management; she enjoys cyber security, data and policy governance. "I dedicate my life to expanding knowledge and sharing concepts in the healing power of integrative practices towards self-care, human performance, and well-being.  Living by listening to your truth, the rest is noise and it will pass, some are side-effects of choices, either way, they are lessons and pondering on the uncontrollable is not living." Image credits: Mr Soho, a special & talented individual. Thank you for understanding my mission and providing me with inspiration to send a message for the greater good.