An eclipse describes the time when the earth, Sun and Moon form a straight line in the heavens; with a Solar eclipse the Moon passes directly between the Sun and the earth, and the light of the Sun is temporarily blocked. In a Lunar eclipse the Moon loses its reflected light from the Sun as the earth passes between the Sun and Moon.

Eclipses happen every year and always come in pairs. Astrologers study the zodiac sign of an eclipse and use this information to understand and predict what the eclipse portends for an individual or a nation. If an eclipse falls on a significant degree in your personal astrological chart or in a nation’s chart it is a potent indicator of change and events.

This year we are living through a most challenging set of circumstances and events. On June 21st there is an annular Solar eclipse at 00 degrees Cancer as well as the summer Solstice. These two planetary events create a powerful energy combination. The last time a Solar eclipse corresponded with the summer Solstice was in June 2001. This was the eclipse that presaged 9-11. Lest you panic, let me say this current eclipse is not as potent as that of 2001. In 2001 the US. was attacked from without and an undeclared state of war existed. In 2020 the energy of this eclipse, our experience with the pandemic, and the concomitant unrest and grief we have experienced brings to light the need for a major transformation from within our society. We are zeroing in on injustices, economic disparities, health care inefficiency, and failures of leadership. We are moving out of Old Thinking that has not helped our social problems. The 2020 eclipses send us a clear message: we need to get our homeland in order for everyone. The fact that the eclipse also falls on the solstice when we have the maximum amount of daylight means to me that we can see clearly how to begin solving our problems.

If your personal chart has planets which connect with the degree and sign of the eclipse you will feel the cosmic juice for your individual transformation. Eclipses can make people feel high strung and jumpy. We feel in touch with energy beyond our control and don’t know quite what to do. We may feel like a surfer who never knows where the wave will take him but rides it cautiously and gracefully. First suggestion for eclipse days: avoid crowds. Second suggestion: sleep or take a nap. You may have enlightening dreams that speak directly to problems in your life. Third suggestion: walk or be near water. And lastly: have patience with your self and everyone around you. An eclipse lasts a matter of hours but the effects can last months and years. We have to pace ourselves for personal transformation and societal transformation takes time.

The second eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse on July4-5th and is at 14 degrees Capricorn. Lunar eclipses are not as potent as Solar and influence our feelings. The US was “born” on July 4, 1776 thus this lunar eclipse will impact the nation strongly. The area of concentration is the need for new thinking in economic matters. Capricorn rules big business and although people are going back to work many will remain at home and the ramifications of this new development will begin to create a new work-life dynamic. The nation will also begin to come to grips with economic inequities that currently exist.

This period of time is the beginning of building compassion in our society. The pandemic is teaching us that we sink or swim together. Parents homeschooling children are learning compassion for teachers We applaud health care workers every night because they have contributed to our health and well being in an essential way. The government has been forced to be compassionate and provide unemployment checks for people to weather this period of time. Excessive force by law enforcement has fueled a movement which will result in changes in police tactics. Lastly, a positive effect from the global pause is that carbon emissions are lower due to industry shut down. All in all, these eclipses will bring us further on the path of getting our home in order. It is a necessary journey.

Lunar eclipse


  • Constance Stellas

    astrologer, author The Little Books of Self Care, How To Be An Astrologer

    Constance Stellas maintains a private astrological practice in NYC and is the author of 18 books on Astrology.  Her upcoming project is Tree of Keys a graphic novel feature 12 Astro Heroes who save the world with their own sign specific talents.