Upstart Kombucha LLC is a wholly-owned start-up of America’s Finest LLC, the white label products manufacturer. America’s Finest LLC is the largest shareholder of the four national brands and the Upstart Kombucha owner
Upstart Kombucha, an organically certified company, has been the top Rocky Mountain Kombucha company for two years consecutively. Kombucha also referred to as “tea mushroom”, is a fermented, slightly fizzy green or black tea drink designed as a functional beverage for health benefits. The drink is made from a fermented symbiotic colony of bacteria and SCOBY yeast. The product has gained entry into the United States market with numerous health claims such as improving health, weight loss, and more. The fermented yeast Kombucha enjoys the largest share of the market due to its low cost. However, the bacterial Kombucha is expected to grow fast due to its application and absorption rates. Consumers can easily find the product locally in most restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores, coffee shops, and convenience stores.

Despite the market prevalence, Kombucha has faced its market setbacks with factors such as the extreme side effects caused by contaminated kombucha and storage problems that have slowed down expansion. Based on geographical analysis Kombuchas market is segmented into various regions of America. The health benefits attached to Kombucha have increased its popularity in the United States, making it the leading market worldwide right now. With the increased disposable income among Americans and government incentives for new businesses, Kombucha hopes to grow and expand their market share more in the United States. The successful entry into the market has seen Kombucha attract competitors in the beverage industry as well.

In February 2021, Greene Concepts Inc (OTC PINK: INKW), a beverage company based in the USA, announced a joint venture partnership with Upstart Kombucha. Under this new agreement, they will work together to expand sales and marketing within the Rocky Region. The deal will see Kombucha market the Greene Concepts products alone and involve its parent company Americas Finest (AFC), to promote and sell Greene Concepts products in the eastern United States. The joint venture’s main objective is to move Upstart Kombucha and Greene Concepts into position to take advantage of the relatively young Kombucha market with high growth potential in the beverage industry. They believe this will increase Greene Concepts stock valuations while boosting revenue for the two companies through national brand expansions and distribution.

Greene Concepts CEO Lenny Greene outlined the key benefits of the partnerships to achieve this goal:

  1. America’s Finest will utilize the already existing Upstart Kombucha’s distributor relations to market Greene Concepts in the Rocky Mountain Region.
  2. America’s Finest will be required to promote the Greene Concepts Inc Manufacturing capabilities and introduce them to the beverage companies as potential suppliers of their white label beverage on the Mississippi River’s east.
  3. America’s Finest will endorse its distributors on the east of Mississippi, Greene Concepts products.

In addition to combining resources, experience, and distribution outlets, the two companies believe this partnership will dramatically increase their popularity, sales, and profits.