Destiny is always at play when you use your free will and take action!

As part of my series about “How to write a book that sparks a movement” I had the great pleasure of interviewingJulie Ashby.

Originally from Sydney Australia, Julie is a former TV Network Executive based in Los Angeles with nearly 2 decades in International Corporate Media/ Advertising.

Julie holds a Master Practitioner of Coaching and NLP and a Teacher Certificate in mindfulness from Dr Michael Ray at Stanford., CA.

She leads the “Awaken your Potential NOW” movement and within that launching an “Awaken Corporate” to deal with the fear and burnout in Corporate America.

Her first book “I jumped, and the net didn’t catch me — how to quit your day job”is her upcoming first book teaching the Practical and Spiritual methodology required to transition from employee to entrepreneur.

She has Guest Hosted on 12Radio and appeared on IHeartRadio and will be hosting her own Radio Show on Universal Broadcast Network filmed in Hollywood.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you share the “backstory” about how you grew up?

Growing up in Sydney, Australia I was first born Aussie in my family as my parents migrated from the UK in the 70’s.

We took my first long haul flight at 2 years old to go live in another country with mum’s family for 6 x months and I haven’t stopped travelling and living in different countries since!

I was at big school by about 4 years old. Literally the first day of school I was up the front of the class spelling complicated words and they were so impressed they called down the school principal to show me off. As if I wasn’t showing off enough already!

So, let’s just say words- writing- spelling- reading was my path. I’ve wanted to be an Author since I could read.

I did well in school usually in the top classes, but I had trouble focusing like I just wanted to get on with things. I didn’t follow societies plan I just knew I would work in Media and Travel and honestly never took any notice of what I “should” do.

Landed my first job in Media by 18 at rolling stone magazine and it went from there- a long media career that ended up nearly 2 x decades long.

To date I’ve lived in Sydney, California, NYC, Greece, Bali, Melbourne and Brisbane. I have an Australian and European passport and previously had a special USA Visa when I was based and sponsored by the biggest studio in the World.

California and NYC feel like they will be my forever homes as a bi-coastal resident but so much is still ahead.

When you were younger, was there a book that you read that inspired you to take action or changed your life?

What pops up was The Celestine Prophecy released around 15/16 years old.

That was the first Spiritual book I read, and it validated how I was thinking and feeling.

It helped me see all events had a meaning and the higher intelligence I sought comfort in was in fact real.

This thinking, in essence to not be a victim, definitely helped me emotionally survive my father’s suicide at age 19 and decide at 21 I wasn’t going down the path of destruction that I was currently on at that time.

What was the moment or series of events that made you decide to bring your message to the greater world?

Yes- living in Los Angeles, working 80 hours a week in Corporate America- I began Personal Development seminars and once I learnt that the reason, we do not have anything we set out to do, (in my case being an Author) — was because our own Fear, my entire life changed.

Well it actually completely fell apart in 2012- but throughout the chaos and destruction of it all I did see the higher purpose, and I finally shut my ego down, and said, ok Universe- I’m listening, and got to work.

Part of the destruction was losing my job in Corporate America in 2012 with TV channels merging as is so common these days, and with that I also lost my Visa so after very happily building a life in California I had a mere few weeks’ notice to leave with no Plan B to fall back on.

Apart from my dad’s death it was the worst time of my Life. I felt such deep betrayal from a number of people, and it took years of forgiveness work to clear it.

I was in deep depression and resentment over it and felt zero support from most of my old friends.

But this was also when I officially enrolled in Coaching school and went on to get my Masters. Plus, my Spiritual Awakening happened deeply the year after and true healing of my life story began.

The understanding of it all brought me to a place of being ready to share it.

I decided after surviving all of that, that it was enough- and I would bring my Dads legacy, and my own, to the world.

What impact did you hope to make when you wrote this book?

Ultimately that no matter how trapped anyone feels, or how bad their situation is- that there is ALWAYS an answer.

It’s a movement of Emotional Freedom.

This is how the world now commands we operate from.

Did the actual results align with your expectations?

Its early days for me but yes, as soon as I decided and took action- things started shifting.

A Guest spot on iHeartRadio landed me own Show- Funny thing is I was staying in an Airbnb in Hollywood Hills, mere blocks away from the Studio, 6 months priorr when I was on a Leap of faith world tour.

Destiny is always at play when you use your free will and take action!

What moment let you know that your book had started a movement?

When I understood the real groundwork required was emotionally surviving all the changes and experiences, that I was the one to love through it so I could create my methodology.

Just before I left for my Leap of Faith in 2017, I tentatively started my movement on Facebook and wanted a few thousand for the upfront mentoring costs around it — the money appeared by magic through a new client reaching out and asking to pay me.

After my trip, the month I started handwriting my matching keynote based on my experiences, by hand in. a notebook-

I got an invite to deliver it in Los Angeles (it wasn’t even written yet!!!)

I knew my whole life had prepared me to be the messenger of what subject had previously felt too awkward or confronting.

What kinds of things did you hear right away from readers? What are the most frequent things you hear from readers about your book now? Are they the same? Different?

Through my radio appearances the feedback is my solid credibility and Transformational abilities from being so international and living in the trenches of each transition attempt.

What is the most moving or fulfilling experience you’ve had as a result of writing this book?

I have forgiven and accepted my father’s suicide. I’ve gone from punishing guilt and grief to acceptance.

I have made sense of losing everything in 2012 to rebuild it all on my own terms.

The fun rewards are to host my own show and speak to the masses.

The rewards come from reaching more people and being part of their own transformation. To work with people privately and in groups is incredibly fulfilling as I am guiding their own healing journey.

The ultimate reward is that I have Peace from doing what I came here to do.

Have you experienced anything negative? Do you feel there are drawbacks to writing a book that starts such colossal conversation and change?

Yes. I no longer speak to some people from my past.

It is easier for their ego mind to criticise or gossip about me than just be kind or supportive.

I have experienced betrayal and loads of gossip behind my back.

Can you articulate why you think books in particular have the power to create movements, revolutions, and true change?

A movement is a cause and catalyst for change that is bigger than any individual.

It is interdependence- from a place of service.

Ultimately, I believe those who lead on this level are Souls who have signed up for it and the purpose is to let go of all the Huma fears, reasons and beliefs why you can’t- and get on mission.

An original Authentic Story with the lessons learned along the way is the most powerful for a reader — as it reminds them and mirrors parts of them, they had forgotten or dismissed due to what kind of home/ society they grew up in.

Hollywood tries to recreate this, but original authentic story comes from source itself and shows readers what is possible for them

What is the one habit you believe contributed the most to you becoming a bestselling writer?

It will be Becoming at Peace with my own Vulnerability.

America. Intelligence removed my own ego/ fears around being judged or good enough- and surrendered to be the vessel of this movement.

The habit that cultivated that is a non-negotiable discipled morning routine 24/7, 365 days a week.

There are no exceptions to not show up for a combination of my rituals of Meditation, Mindset work Journaling and Movement.

Once I “allowed” the guidance to come through, it flowed. This is done through Meditation. Once I became a Reiki Master the downloads were like a tap in my Brain. The discipline of showing up every day to my practices built it all inch by inch

What challenge or failure did you learn the most from in your writing career?

Procrastination- I struggle with structure.

I am a Visionary. The small details of structure are very challenging and frustrating to me.

I had to model opposite behaviour which was very uncomfortable and learn new ways to tick off details and keep myself accountable.

Focusing on specific Action is the only way to get things written.

Pomodoro Technique is helpful for that.

Ultimately the pain of NOT doing it has to reach a threshold that you can’t live with anymore.

Many aspiring authors would love to make an impact similar to what you have done. What are the 5 things writers needs to know if they want to spark a movement with a book?

1. Get clear on your own Authentic story– usually the absolute worst and most painful times were Sources school of Life. Many people suppress this, and it causes mental anguish. Your job is to shine light on them, face it, heal it, then you can share it. There’s no possible way to trick your subconscious mind into ignoring its own stored memory. It was not comfortable for me to heal and accept my dad’s suicide. The process took 20 years but once I truly decided I was allowed too, the letting go and healing took 2.5 years

2. What has been the judgment/authority holding you back from doing it? There will be a force of judgement you are afraid of. Whether it’s your parents, employer, family, someone on social media, the government, memories of being prosecuted for being a witch/ healer in a past life……we all have it.

The threat of safety. For me it was psychological safety attached to Corporate. It took years of work to Retrain my Brain and its attachment to safety.

3. What is the Emotional problem you are solving, and for whom? This will tie into a personal experience. The emotional impact has to be so great it will drive you to do this, even if you never got any recognition or rewards. It’s a pull in your Heart to let people know or improve it

For me it was watching my dad’s decline from Corporate, long term depression, the lack of any kind of emotional support, my own fight or flight responses and then of course my own script around Corporate.

Ultimately, I am here to teach that your soul is never trapped — BY healing beliefs around not feeling safe, loved or belonging AND by living out your potential you will heal and find Peace.

4. Heal all the reasons why you can’t do it-this movement is usually constructed from you school of life and all events have prepared you to be this leader. The ego will convince you that procrastination is real. It will convince you your too young, too old, too fat, too ugly, that you don’t have enough money……the list goes on. There were so many beliefs to be healed around abandonment, not feeling safe to be seen, not being loved- these allowed me to feel safe to move forward in action

5. Build an Audience-Audience first. Start your blog, website, social media regular posts. You have to make a decision that YOU are the leader of this movement, no one else will appoint you! This means daily and consistent writing/ messaging/ marketing from the position you are this Leader. From my years as a TV network Executive its always Audience first. Serving them and being clear who this is for and what results you will give them. Building a connection and audience takes time so just start. I created my online public profile in 2014 and have never missed a day. The daily discipline of a morning routine will serve you and let the ideas flow.

The world, of course, needs progress in many areas. What movement do you hope someone (or you!) starts next?

I believe our inner world is the most important- if we are awakened, we will naturally treat the Planet and Environment better.

I have deep love for animals.

A movement removing all forms of torture to innocent beings.

How can our readers follow you on social media?

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Thank you so much for these insights. It was a true pleasure to do this with you.



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